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Framed Battle of Britain Collection BRITAIN Framed Battle of Britain Collection   Last few remaining £49.99
Mackintosh Pewter Clock BRITAIN Mackintosh Pewter Clock In stock £49.99
Millefiori Glass Paperweight BRITAIN Millefiori Glass Paperweight In stock £49.99
Extending Magnifier on Stand ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Extending Magnifier on Stand In stock £58.00
Russian Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Russian Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly Box In stock £68.00
Delft Porcelain Flower Brick Delft Porcelain Flower Brick In stock £75.00
Remembrance Paperweight ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Remembrance Paperweight In stock £160.00
Russian Views Christmas Cards ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Russian Views Christmas Cards In stock £5.50
Glass Bird Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Glass Bird Decoration In stock £5.99
Snowflake Hanging Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Snowflake Hanging Decoration In stock £5.99
Victorian Angel Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Victorian Angel Decoration In stock £5.99
Christmas Cat Garland ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Christmas Cat Garland In stock £6.99
Easter Egg Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Easter Egg Decorations In stock £6.99
Pair of Glittered Birds Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pair of Glittered Birds Decorations In stock £6.99
Nostalgic Goose ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Nostalgic Goose In stock £7.99
Santa Claus Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Santa Claus Decoration In stock £8.99
Belle Époque Glass Multicoloured Bird ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Belle Époque Glass Multicoloured Bird In stock £9.99
Bumblebee Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bumblebee Decoration In stock £9.99
Faux Mistletoe Hanging Bundle ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Faux Mistletoe Hanging Bundle In stock £9.99
Hedgehog with Holly Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hedgehog with Holly Decoration In stock £9.99
Pair of Partridge Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pair of Partridge Decorations In stock £9.99
Deco China Christmas Bauble ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Deco China Christmas Bauble In stock £10.99
Set of 6 Christmas Tree Shaped Candles ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Set of 6 Christmas Tree Shaped Candles In stock £10.99
Pair of Crystal Angel Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pair of Crystal Angel Decorations In stock £12.99
Glass Droplet Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Glass Droplet Decorations In stock £14.99
Robin Tree Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Robin Tree Decorations In stock £14.99
Botanical Hanging Decorations BRITAIN Botanical Hanging Decorations In stock £15.99
Opalescent Green Glass Tealight Opalescent Green Glass Tealight In stock £15.99
Opalescent Purple Glass Tealight Opalescent Purple Glass Tealight In stock £15.99
Winter Woodland Tea Light Holder ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Winter Woodland Tea Light Holder In stock £16.99
Daffodil Garland ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Daffodil Garland In stock £17.99
Enamel Snuffer Enamel Snuffer In stock £19.99
Enamelled Imperial Egg Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Enamelled Imperial Egg Box In stock £19.99
Glass Chick ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Glass Chick In stock £19.99
Schnauzer Trinket Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Schnauzer Trinket Box In stock £19.99
Winter Lit Village ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Winter Lit Village In stock £19.99
Cone & Berry Natural Wreath ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Cone & Berry Natural Wreath In stock £22.99
Crouching Cat Bronze BRITAIN Crouching Cat Bronze In stock £22.99
Nativity Scene Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Nativity Scene Decoration In stock £22.99
Sleeping Cat Sleeping Cat In stock £22.99
Hand-Carved Pekinese Dog Netsuke ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hand-Carved Pekinese Dog Netsuke In stock £23.99
Bella Bristle Bunny Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bella Bristle Bunny Decoration In stock £27.99
Robins on a Branch ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Robins on a Branch In stock £27.99
Russian Troika Hand-painted Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Russian Troika Hand-painted Decoration In stock £27.99
Easter Arrangement ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Easter Arrangement In stock £29.99
Holly Wreath ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Holly Wreath In stock £29.99
Imperial Glass Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Imperial Glass Decorations In stock £29.99
Tree of Life Plaque ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Tree of Life Plaque In stock £29.99