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The Church Cat New arrivals product icon The Church Cat Pre-Order £16.99
Sitting Man Sculpture Sitting Man Sculpture   Last few remaining £22.75
Dragon Netsuke Dragon Netsuke In stock £29.00
Elephant Netsuke Elephant Netsuke In stock £29.00
Salamander Netsuke Salamander Netsuke In stock £29.00
St Giles Cathedral Angel Made in Britain product icon St Giles Cathedral Angel In stock £42.00
Oriental Cranes Sculpture Oriental Cranes Sculpture In stock £85.00
Hand Carved Mushrooms Sculpture Hand Carved Mushrooms Sculpture In stock £17.99
Hand-carved Birds in Nest Sculpture Hand-carved Birds in Nest Sculpture In stock £17.99
Mantelpiece Dog Figurines Mantelpiece Dog Figurines In stock £30.00
Labrador Sculpture Labrador Sculpture In stock £55.00
Woodland Mice Sculpture Woodland Mice Sculpture   Last few remaining £58.00
Gaggle of Geese Sculpture Gaggle of Geese Sculpture In stock £99.00
Leaping Fawns Sculpture Leaping Fawns Sculpture In stock £115.00
Man Walking Dog Sculpture Man Walking Dog Sculpture In stock £24.99
Exeter Cathedral Goblin BLACK_FRIDAY Exeter Cathedral Goblin In stock £14.99
Tanuki Netsuke Tanuki Netsuke In stock £28.99
Knox Enamelled Clock Made in Britain product icon Knox Enamelled Clock In stock £97.00
Bunnies at Play Ornament Bunnies at Play Ornament In stock £28.00
Mice on Apple Netsuke Mice on Apple Netsuke In stock £29.00
Pheasant Ornament Pheasant Ornament   Last few remaining £140.00
Rolling Dog Ornament Rolling Dog Ornament   Sold out £45.00
Curious Shelf Cat New arrivals product icon Curious Shelf Cat   Sold out £75.00
Gloucester Mouse New arrivals product icon Gloucester Mouse   Sold out £19.99