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Golfing Sculpture New arrivals product icon Golfing Sculpture In stock £23.99
Bonsai Peridot Tree Bonsai Peridot Tree In stock £10.99
Rooster Netsuke Rooster Netsuke In stock £29.00
Leonardo da Vinci Horse Leonardo da Vinci Horse In stock £95.00
Carved Magazine Rack Carved Magazine Rack In stock £45.00
Mucha Summer Clock Mucha Summer Clock In stock £145.00
Garden Blue Tit Paperweight Made in Britain product icon Garden Blue Tit Paperweight In stock £160.00
Snowdrop Light Pull Snowdrop Light Pull In stock £13.99
Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers In stock £18.99
Galileo Thermometer Galileo Thermometer In stock £17.99
Dragon Netsuke Dragon Netsuke In stock £29.00
Elephant Netsuke Elephant Netsuke In stock £29.00
Limosin Clock Limosin Clock In stock £46.00
OS Postcode Quad Map Print Made in Britain product icon OS Postcode Quad Map Print In stock £115.00
Lévy Enamel Clock Lévy Enamel Clock In stock £28.50
Renaissance Jewellery Box Renaissance Jewellery Box In stock £35.00
Naval Book Box Naval Book Box In stock £26.00
Limestone Goniatite Box Limestone Goniatite Box In stock £33.00
Carved Rose Key Cabinet Carved Rose Key Cabinet In stock £55.00
Bethlehem Hands in Prayer Bethlehem Hands in Prayer In stock £56.00
Mackintosh Pewter Clock Made in Britain product icon Mackintosh Pewter Clock In stock £58.00
Dubucand Hare Bookends Dubucand Hare Bookends In stock £75.00
Dragonfly Tube Line Vase Dragonfly Tube Line Vase In stock £86.00
Foucault's Pendulum Foucault's Pendulum In stock £19.99