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Rose LED Torches NEWICON Rose LED Torches £9.99
Nanga Love Birds Tile NEWICON Nanga Love Birds Tile £22.99
Showa Kingfisher Vase NEWICON Showa Kingfisher Vase £55.00
Dachshund Doorstop NEWICON Dachshund Doorstop £19.99
Market Scene Paperweight NEWICON Market Scene Paperweight £19.99
Pekinese Dog Netsuke NEWICON Pekinese Dog Netsuke £23.99
Rat Netsuke NEWICON Rat Netsuke £23.99
Fish in Coral Ornament NEWICON Fish in Coral Ornament £34.99
Moonlight Troika Box NEWICON Moonlight Troika Box £49.99
Memling Angels Tea Light NEWICON Memling Angels Tea Light £16.99
Crouching Cat Bronze NEWICON Crouching Cat Bronze £22.99
Kingfisher Tile NEWICON Kingfisher Tile £22.99
Fishes Netsuke NEWICON Fishes Netsuke £23.99
Bird & Anemone Roundel NEWICON Bird & Anemone Roundel £29.99
Flower Basket Ornament NEWICON Flower Basket Ornament £29.99
Fossil Stone Tea Light Holder NEWICON Fossil Stone Tea Light Holder £29.99
Bud Slimline Glass Mirror NEWICON Bud Slimline Glass Mirror £34.99
Jammu Hand painted Box NEWICON Jammu Hand painted Box £34.99
Panda Trinket Box NEWICON Panda Trinket Box £34.99
Roman Britain Replica Coins Set NEWICON Roman Britain Replica Coins Set £34.99
Landscape Vase NEWICON Landscape Vase £42.99
Sleeping & Crouching Cats NEWICON Sleeping & Crouching Cats £43.50
Poseidon Bust NEWICON Poseidon Bust £49.99
Dürer Little Owl Framed Print NEWICON Dürer Little Owl Framed Print £58.00

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