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Glass Droplet Decorations NEWICON Glass Droplet Decorations £14.99
Bumblebee Decoration NEWICON Bumblebee Decoration £9.99
Schnauzer Ornament NEWICON Schnauzer Ornament £9.99
Rabbit Pewter Pin Cushion NEWICON Rabbit Pewter Pin Cushion £14.99
Limited Edition Poppyfields Glass Dish NEWICON Limited Edition Poppyfields Glass Dish £150.00
Russian Views Christmas Cards NEWICON Russian Views Christmas Cards £5.50
Pair of Glittered Birds Decorations NEWICON Pair of Glittered Birds Decorations £6.99
Faux Mistletoe Hanging Bundle NEWICON Faux Mistletoe Hanging Bundle £9.99
Jolly Robin Roundel NEWICON Jolly Robin Roundel £14.99
Robin Tree Decorations NEWICON Robin Tree Decorations £14.99
Welcome Duck Ornament NEWICON Welcome Duck Ornament £14.99
Enamel Snuffer NEWICON Enamel Snuffer £19.99
Morris Angel Paperweight NEWICON Morris Angel Paperweight £17.99
Mechanical Singing Bird Cage NEWICON Mechanical Singing Bird Cage £18.99
Bouraine Penguin Ornament- small NEWICON Bouraine Penguin Ornament- small £22.99
Enamelled Egg Box NEWICON Enamelled Egg Box £22.99
Victorian Birds Trinket Box NEWICON Victorian Birds Trinket Box £22.99
Birds Photo Frame NEWICON Birds Photo Frame £24.99
Cherry Blossom Candle Votive NEWICON Cherry Blossom Candle Votive £24.99
Bouraine Penguin Ornament- large NEWICON Bouraine Penguin Ornament- large £29.99
Holly Wreath NEWICON Holly Wreath £29.99
Lily Bouquet Pewter Box NEWICON Lily Bouquet Pewter Box £29.99
Mistletoe Tree Decoration NEWICON Mistletoe Tree Decoration £32.99
Mr. Mole Trinket Box NEWICON Mr. Mole Trinket Box £34.99

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