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Floréal Trellis Gift-wrap & Tags NEWICON Floréal Trellis Gift-wrap & Tags £3.50
Tiptree Honey Trio NEWICON Tiptree Honey Trio £5.99
10 Mackintosh Botanicals Cards NEWICON 10 Mackintosh Botanicals Cards £6.99
Bluebell & Jasmine Kew Soap NEWICON Bluebell & Jasmine Kew Soap £6.99
Magnolia & Pear Kew Soap NEWICON Magnolia & Pear Kew Soap £6.99
Summer Rose Kew Soap NEWICON Summer Rose Kew Soap £6.99
Bees & Apple Blossom Chocolates Tin NEWICON Bees & Apple Blossom Chocolates Tin £7.99
Locomotive Mug NEWICON Locomotive Mug £7.99
Pimpernel Memo Cube NEWICON Pimpernel Memo Cube £7.99
Pimpernel Sticky Notes Wallet NEWICON Pimpernel Sticky Notes Wallet £7.99
Time for Tea Domed Caddy NEWICON Time for Tea Domed Caddy £7.99
Escaping Hitler NEWICON Escaping Hitler £8.99
Excellent Intentions NEWICON Excellent Intentions £8.99
Exotic Birds & Botanics Notebook NEWICON Exotic Birds & Botanics Notebook £8.99
Fire in the Thatch NEWICON Fire in the Thatch £8.99
In Flanders Fields Poppies Cards NEWICON In Flanders Fields Poppies Cards £8.99
Silver Studio Decor Cards NEWICON Silver Studio Decor Cards £8.99
Wayside Flowers & Fungi Cards NEWICON Wayside Flowers & Fungi Cards £8.99
Weekend at Thrackley NEWICON Weekend at Thrackley £8.99
Animal Lore & Legend NEWICON Animal Lore & Legend £9.99
Bible-verses Nativity Advent Calendar NEWICON Bible-verses Nativity Advent Calendar £9.99
Christmas Stockings Advent Calendar NEWICON Christmas Stockings Advent Calendar £9.99
Cornish Potted Beef NEWICON Cornish Potted Beef £9.99
Die-cut Townscene Advent Calendar NEWICON Die-cut Townscene Advent Calendar £9.99
Museum Selection
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Taking inspiration from country house interiors and gardens, museum collections and our great cathedrals, our aim is to bring together distinctive and unusual home accessories, jewellery, clothing and gifts celebrating over a thousand years of history, art and design.