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Father Christmas Snowglobe Father Christmas Snowglobe In stock £6.99
Redoute Rose Scented Candle Redoute Rose Scented Candle In stock £9.99
Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers In stock £14.99
Chatres Tealight Holder Chatres Tealight Holder In stock £16.99
Lidded Acorn Box Lidded Acorn Box In stock £16.99
Glass Bird Decoration Glass Bird Decoration In stock £5.99
Deco China Christmas Bauble Deco China Christmas Bauble In stock £10.99
Pair of Ruby Star Decs Pair of Ruby Star Decs In stock £11.99
3 Father Christmas Decorations 3 Father Christmas Decorations In stock £14.99
3 Lavender Hangers 3 Lavender Hangers In stock £14.99
3 Oriental Flowers LED Candles 3 Oriental Flowers LED Candles In stock £24.99
Amethyst Bonsai Tree Amethyst Bonsai Tree In stock £27.99
Rabbit With Magnifying Glass Rabbit With Magnifying Glass In stock £27.99
Imperial Glass Decorations Imperial Glass Decorations In stock £29.99
Tree of Life Plaque Tree of Life Plaque In stock £29.99
Limestone Goniatite Box Limestone Goniatite Box In stock £32.99
Cat Art Deco Bookends Cat Art Deco Bookends In stock £47.99
Delft Porcelain Flower Brick Delft Porcelain Flower Brick In stock £75.00
OS Postcode Quad Map Print OS Postcode Quad Map Print In stock £99.00
Hanging Hedgehog Decoration NEWICON Hanging Hedgehog Decoration In stock £7.99
Nostalgic Goose Nostalgic Goose In stock £7.99
Santa Claus Decoration Santa Claus Decoration In stock £8.99
Pair of Partridge Decorations Pair of Partridge Decorations In stock £9.99
Naïve Painted Duck Blue Naïve Painted Duck Blue   Last few remaining £11.99
Botanical Hanging Decorations Botanical Hanging Decorations In stock £15.99
Imperial Velvet Decorations Imperial Velvet Decorations In stock £17.99
Medieval Letter Rack Medieval Letter Rack In stock £17.99
Partridge Pin Cushion Partridge Pin Cushion In stock £17.99
Van Eyck Angel Tree Topper Van Eyck Angel Tree Topper   Last few remaining £17.99
Robins on a Branch Robins on a Branch In stock £27.99
Russian Troika Handpainted Decoration Russian Troika Handpainted Decoration In stock £27.99
Ostereierbaum Carousel Ostereierbaum Carousel In stock £32.99
Hibiscus Vase Hibiscus Vase In stock £34.99
Scene from a Genji Parody Canvas Scene from a Genji Parody Canvas In stock £45.00
Binnacle Clock Binnacle Clock In stock £49.99
Nouveau Tree Framed Print Nouveau Tree Framed Print In stock £49.99
Peacock Bone China Tray Peacock Bone China Tray   Last few remaining £49.99
Personalised Landranger Map Clock ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Personalised Landranger Map Clock In stock £49.99
Saint Cecilia Carved Boxes Saint Cecilia Carved Boxes In stock £49.99
Saxony Candle Arch Saxony Candle Arch In stock £49.99
Poinsettia LED Garland Poinsettia LED Garland In stock £60.00
Pewter Knotwork Quaich Pewter Knotwork Quaich   Last few remaining £65.00
Pewter Pricket Candlestick Pewter Pricket Candlestick In stock £90.00
Pre-Lit Artificial Topiary Tree Pre-Lit Artificial Topiary Tree In stock £145.00
Hedgehog Hanging Decoration NEWICON Hedgehog Hanging Decoration   Out of stock £7.99
Woodland Christmas Owl Woodland Christmas Owl   Out of stock £9.99
Porcelain Lidded Candle Porcelain Lidded Candle   Out of stock £24.99
Nativity Scene Nativity Scene   Out of stock £34.99

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