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Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers In stock £17.99
Spring Meadow Wreath Spring Meadow Wreath   Last few remaining £34.99
Showa Kingfisher Vase Showa Kingfisher Vase In stock £49.99
Lavender Heart Sachet Lavender Heart Sachet Pre-Order £9.99
Galileo Thermometer Galileo Thermometer In stock £12.99
Dachshund Trinket Box Dachshund Trinket Box In stock £19.99
Man Walking Dog Sculpture Man Walking Dog Sculpture Pre-Order £22.99
Pewter Woodland Sewing Station Made in Britain product icon Pewter Woodland Sewing Station In stock £39.99
Mouse in Tea cup Mouse in Tea cup In stock £47.99
Moon Display Stand ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Moon Display Stand In stock £55.00
Rose LED Torches Rose LED Torches In stock £9.99
Lily Letter Opener Lily Letter Opener In stock £15.99
Carved Obsidian Panda Carved Obsidian Panda In stock £22.99
Pair of Elephant Shelf-Sitters Pair of Elephant Shelf-Sitters In stock £22.99
Handkerchief Glass Vase Handkerchief Glass Vase In stock £24.99
Hand-Carved Elephant Netsuke ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hand-Carved Elephant Netsuke In stock £27.99
Hand-Carved Frog on Lily Pad Netsuke Hand-Carved Frog on Lily Pad Netsuke In stock £27.99
Hand-Carved Tiger 2022 Netsuke Hand-Carved Tiger 2022 Netsuke In stock £27.99
Lustrous Peacock Trinket Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Lustrous Peacock Trinket Box In stock £29.99
Lyrical Butterfly Vase Lyrical Butterfly Vase In stock £34.99
Barn Owl Trinket Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Barn Owl Trinket Box In stock £37.99
Nouveau Lustre Glass Bowl Nouveau Lustre Glass Bowl In stock £39.99
Mori Dragonfly Wall Art Mori Dragonfly Wall Art In stock £45.00
Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase In stock £49.99
Porthole Clock ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Porthole Clock In stock £60.00
Sitting Labrador Ornament ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Sitting Labrador Ornament In stock £62.00
Art Deco Owl Art Deco Owl   Last few remaining £95.00
Union Jack Paper Bunting Made in Britain product icon Union Jack Paper Bunting In stock £5.99
Pair Hanging Owl Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pair Hanging Owl Decorations In stock £6.99
Christmas Gifting Bauble ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Christmas Gifting Bauble In stock £9.99
Art Deco Star LED Tree Topper ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Art Deco Star LED Tree Topper   Last few remaining £10.99
Polish Angel Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Polish Angel Decoration In stock £11.99
Enamelled Butterfly Bookmark Enamelled Butterfly Bookmark In stock £12.99
Snow-Tipped Pinecone Hanging ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Snow-Tipped Pinecone Hanging In stock £12.99
Trio of Foliage Birds ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Trio of Foliage Birds In stock £12.99
LED Candle Wreath ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE LED Candle Wreath In stock £14.99
Pineapple & Butterflies Box New arrivals product icon Pineapple & Butterflies Box In stock £14.99
Teacup Embroidered Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Teacup Embroidered Decoration In stock £14.99
Teapot Embroidered Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Teapot Embroidered Decoration   Last few remaining £14.99
Robin Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Robin Decorations   Last few remaining £19.99
Sitting Man Sculpture ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Sitting Man Sculpture In stock £19.99
Campanula Enamel Photo Frame Campanula Enamel Photo Frame In stock £22.99
Carved Unakite Fishing Bear Carved Unakite Fishing Bear In stock £22.99
Papillon Trinket Box Papillon Trinket Box In stock £24.99
Deco Lady Shelf Sitter Deco Lady Shelf Sitter In stock £27.99
Deco Lady with Beach Ball Deco Lady with Beach Ball In stock £27.99
Eucalyptus & Glass Votive Centrepiece ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Eucalyptus & Glass Votive Centrepiece   Last few remaining £27.99
Penguin Trinket Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Penguin Trinket Box In stock £27.99