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Glass Duck Ornament NEWICON Glass Duck Ornament Pre-Order £27.99
Explorers Magnifying Glass NEWICON Explorers Magnifying Glass Pre-Order £29.99
LED Berry Mantlepiece Decoration NEWICON LED Berry Mantlepiece Decoration Pre-Order £29.99
Snail Tape Measure NEWICON Snail Tape Measure In stock £29.99
Imperial Glass Jug NEWICON Imperial Glass Jug In stock £32.99
Victorian Robin Box NEWICON Victorian Robin Box In stock £32.99
Brass Pocket Sundial NEWICON Brass Pocket Sundial In stock £34.99
Peacock Perfume Bottle NEWICON Peacock Perfume Bottle In stock £34.99
Athenian Owl Statue NEWICON Athenian Owl Statue In stock £37.99
Bronze Greek Horse NEWICON Bronze Greek Horse In stock £39.99
Mackintosh Leaded Mirror BRITAIN Mackintosh Leaded Mirror In stock £39.99
Swan Bone China Clock Box BRITAIN Swan Bone China Clock Box In stock £39.99
Degas Dancer Sculpture NEWICON Degas Dancer Sculpture In stock £65.00
Foliate Mango Wood Magazine Rack NEWICON Foliate Mango Wood Magazine Rack Pre-Order £80.00
Fox Cub Paperweight BRITAIN Fox Cub Paperweight In stock £95.00
Diving Otters Sculpture BRITAIN Diving Otters Sculpture In stock £125.00
Infant Imari Elephant Paperweight BRITAIN Infant Imari Elephant Paperweight   Last few remaining £145.00
Bronze Long Tail Tit BRITAIN Bronze Long Tail Tit In stock £150.00
Fox Paperweight BRITAIN Fox Paperweight In stock £170.00
Botanic Garden Heart Trinket Box SPECIALICON Botanic Garden Heart Trinket Box In stock £13.00
Birth Month Glass Teardrops Birth Month Glass Teardrops In stock £14.99
Fish in Coral Ornament ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Fish in Coral Ornament In stock £34.99
Narcissus Candle ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Narcissus Candle In stock £4.99
Sumo Netsuke ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Sumo Netsuke In stock £23.99
Amethyst Bonsai Tree ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Amethyst Bonsai Tree   Last few remaining £27.99
Bumblebee Plaque Bumblebee Plaque In stock £12.99
Birthstone Glass Bird Birthstone Glass Bird In stock £17.99
Birth Month Trinket Box Birth Month Trinket Box In stock £19.99
Blue Tit Ornament BRITAIN Blue Tit Ornament In stock £39.99
Peacock Trinket Box ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Peacock Trinket Box In stock £34.99
Birth Month Glass Heart ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Birth Month Glass Heart Limited availability £12.99
Gazing Hare ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Gazing Hare In stock £12.99
Mackintosh Pewter Box BRITAIN Mackintosh Pewter Box In stock £19.99
Giambologna Owl ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Giambologna Owl In stock £60.00
Woodland Wall Art ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Woodland Wall Art   Last few remaining £65.00
Sitting Hare ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Sitting Hare   Last few remaining £12.99
Dipping Bird Ornament ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Dipping Bird Ornament In stock £19.99
Garden Bird Song Clock Garden Bird Song Clock In stock £19.99
Paris Bud Vase Paris Bud Vase Pre-Order £19.99
Rabbit With Magnifying Glass ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Rabbit With Magnifying Glass In stock £27.99
Flower Basket Ornament ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Flower Basket Ornament In stock £29.99
Faux Mixed Pansy Arrangement ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Faux Mixed Pansy Arrangement In stock £19.99
Market Scene Paperweight ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Market Scene Paperweight In stock £19.99
Forsythia Tree Decoration ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Forsythia Tree Decoration In stock £32.99
Showa Kingfisher Vase ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Showa Kingfisher Vase In stock £55.00
OS Postcode Quad Map Print BRITAIN OS Postcode Quad Map Print In stock £99.00
Rose LED Torches Rose LED Torches In stock £9.99
Enamelled Butterfly Bookmark Enamelled Butterfly Bookmark In stock £12.99