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Pheasant & Peonies Ceramic Stool NEWICON Pheasant & Peonies Ceramic Stool In stock £150.00
Art Deco Metal Side Table NEWICON Art Deco Metal Side Table In stock £199.00
Rubberwood Side Table NEWICON Rubberwood Side Table In stock £70.00
Hot House Palm Folding Shelves Hot House Palm Folding Shelves In stock £85.00
Atlas White Occasional Table NEWICON Atlas White Occasional Table In stock £170.00
Winslow Mahogany Occasional Table NEWICON Winslow Mahogany Occasional Table Pre-Order £290.00
Du Cane Velvet Chair NEWICON Du Cane Velvet Chair In stock £399.00
Red Art Deco Velvet Chair NEWICON Red Art Deco Velvet Chair In stock £690.00
Library Step Chair Library Step Chair In stock £290.00
Morris Round Table Morris Round Table In stock £120.00
Medici Acacia Stool Medici Acacia Stool In stock £125.00
Teak Twist Table Teak Twist Table In stock £195.00
Farmhouse Shoe Storage Bench Farmhouse Shoe Storage Bench In stock £255.00
Deer Tapestry Footstool BRITAIN Deer Tapestry Footstool In stock £150.00
Millefleurs Tapestry Footstool BRITAIN Millefleurs Tapestry Footstool In stock £199.00
Farmhouse Wicker Storage Farmhouse Wicker Storage In stock £165.00
Salisbury Carver Chair Salisbury Carver Chair Pre-Order £235.00
Ettington Single-Drawer Bookcase Ettington Single-Drawer Bookcase In stock £280.00
Fretwork Console Table Fretwork Console Table In stock £160.00
Column Pedestal Lamp Table Column Pedestal Lamp Table Pre-Order £175.00
Mahogany Magazine Table Mahogany Magazine Table In stock £180.00
Charlecote Chair Charlecote Chair Pre-Order £190.00
Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand In stock £195.00
Belvedere Cane Chair Belvedere Cane Chair Pre-Order £225.00
Salisbury Hexagon Table Salisbury Hexagon Table Pre-Order £340.00
Rattan Corner Chair Rattan Corner Chair In stock £455.00
Golden Age Bistro Table Golden Age Bistro Table Pre-Order £99.00
Semi-circle Gothic Bistro Table Semi-circle Gothic Bistro Table   Last few remaining £99.00
Rattan Conservatory Table Rattan Conservatory Table Pre-Order £115.00
Rowallane Bench Rowallane Bench Pre-Order £190.00
Cragside Victorian Bench Cragside Victorian Bench Pre-Order £195.00
Rattan Conservatory Chair Rattan Conservatory Chair Pre-Order £195.00
Mahogany Whatnot Mahogany Whatnot Pre-Order £265.00
Clevedon Nest of Mahogany Tables Clevedon Nest of Mahogany Tables Pre-Order £295.00
Kidney Mahogany Occasional Table Kidney Mahogany Occasional Table Pre-Order £310.00
Two-Tone Drum Table Two-Tone Drum Table   Last few remaining £355.00
Salisbury Pine Storage Settle Salisbury Pine Storage Settle Pre-Order £360.00
Mahogany Nest of Tables Mahogany Nest of Tables In stock £390.00
Velvet Compact Armchair Velvet Compact Armchair In stock £420.00
Manderston High-Back Armchair Manderston High-Back Armchair Pre-Order £440.00
Mahogany Graduating 6-Drawer Tallboy Mahogany Graduating 6-Drawer Tallboy Pre-Order £800.00
Nouveau Garden Occasional Chair NEWICON Nouveau Garden Occasional Chair   Sold out £430.00