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Floral Touch Lamp NEWICON Floral Touch Lamp Pre-Order £29.99
Fouquet Pewter Tealight Holder BRITAIN Fouquet Pewter Tealight Holder In stock £27.99
Water lilies Printed Cushion NEWICON Water lilies Printed Cushion In stock £29.99
Mucha Summer Tapestry NEWICON Mucha Summer Tapestry In stock £32.99
Black-Throated Thrush Cushion NEWICON Black-Throated Thrush Cushion In stock £39.99
Bullfinch Washable Doormat BRITAIN Bullfinch Washable Doormat In stock £39.99
Redouté Washable Doormat BRITAIN Redouté Washable Doormat In stock £39.99
Prinsep Tapestry Cushion NEWICON Prinsep Tapestry Cushion In stock £45.00
Hortensia Cushion NEWICON Hortensia Cushion In stock £55.00
Hortensia with Bird Cushion NEWICON Hortensia with Bird Cushion   Last few remaining £55.00
Morris Washable Thistle Doormat NEWICON Morris Washable Thistle Doormat Pre-Order £55.00
Orange Tree Tapestry Cushion NEWICON Orange Tree Tapestry Cushion In stock £55.00
Flower Garden Tapestry Cushion NEWICON Flower Garden Tapestry Cushion   Last few remaining £60.00
Glasgow School Heavea Occasional Table NEWICON Glasgow School Heavea Occasional Table In stock £65.00
Kashmir Aqua Tapestry Cushion BRITAIN Kashmir Aqua Tapestry Cushion Pre-Order £65.00
Kashmir Cream Tapestry Cushion BRITAIN Kashmir Cream Tapestry Cushion Pre-Order £65.00
Nouveau Heron Double Bedding Set NEWICON Nouveau Heron Double Bedding Set In stock £70.00
Redouté Washable Runner BRITAIN Redouté Washable Runner In stock £80.00
Pair of De Morgan Curtains 168 x 183cm NEWICON Pair of De Morgan Curtains 168 x 183cm   Last few remaining £95.00
Monet Waterlilies Tapestry NEWICON Monet Waterlilies Tapestry Pre-Order £99.00
Morris Round Table NEWICON Morris Round Table Pre-Order £99.00
Victorian Swan Stool NEWICON Victorian Swan Stool Pre-Order £99.00
Farmhouse Shoe Storage NEWICON Farmhouse Shoe Storage Pre-Order £125.00
Tile Design Washable Runner NEWICON Tile Design Washable Runner Pre-Order £125.00