As the annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show commences, we’ve rounded up the key takeaways from this year’s spectacular event.


Woodland Edge Planting at RHS Chelsea 2024:

Gardens often have more than half of their area in shade, yet shade has traditionally been treated as a second-best option in the gardening world. That perspective is changing! At RHS Chelsea 2024, several gardens featured 'woodland edge' planting as their central theme. Tom Stuart-Smith's enchanting garden for The National Garden Scheme showcases naturalistic plantings of woodland and edge-of-woodland perennials. To create your own woodland retreat, attract and nurture wildlife with elegant bird baths and feeders nestled along the borders.

Wise Owl Stake Bird Feeder


Upcycle and Re-use:

RHS Chelsea 2024 emphasises the importance of reusing materials wherever possible. A key theme this year is the upcycling and reuse of materials. For example, our garden bat ornaments are sustainably made using recycled tin, creating unique pieces of garden sculpture and art. This focus on sustainability not only reduces waste but also adds character and history to garden designs.


Hanging Open Wing Bat


The Use of Vertical Space in a Sculptural Way:

Drawing the eye upwards in a small garden can make the space seem larger. Pillars, arches and pergolas serve as focal points and opportunities for climbers. RHS Chelsea 2024 showcased how these structures are now considered garden art. Our elegant obelisks offer practical support for hard-stem climbers like rambling roses, adding vertical intrigue to your outdoor space.


Vctorian Green Obelisks


Sculptural Seating:

Seating can become an integral part of your garden design by choosing interesting materials and shapes. A key takeaway from RHS Chelsea Flower Show is that built-in seating can save space while enhancing your garden's design. Our Teak Trunk Stool exemplifies this, providing functional seating and becoming a charming part of your garden's aesthetic. Handcrafted pieces such as this stool bring a touch of magic and wouldn’t be out of place in a traditional folk story.


Teak Trunk Stool


Enchanted Forests:

The enchanted forest trend was highlighted as a child-friendly garden idea in The RHS No Adults Allowed Garden, designed by primary school children. Instead of a traditional lawn, it showed how to create a whimsical magical space filled with dens and plants to explore. Consider adding folkloric elements into your outdoor space such as this charming fairy sculpture inspired by the folk and fairy tales of Andrew Lang (1844-1912), a Scottish poet and novelist.


Blossom Fairy Statue


Mushroom Magic:

It’s now widely recognised that very few fungi are harmful to gardens. Both moss and fungi play important roles in the environment. While it's necessary to clear moss from paths to prevent slipping, it's beneficial to leave it elsewhere. Mushrooms were a recurring theme at the Chelsea Flower Show, inspiring many with their creative displays. Our Art Nouveau-inspired Verneuil Mushroom Stake can bring that same mushroom magic to your garden. Place it among your favourite plants and flowers to bring a touch of woodland wonder to your garden.


Verneuil Mushroom Garden Stake