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Set 3 Ceramic Mushrooms Set 3 Ceramic Mushrooms Pre-Order £14.99
Set of 2 Bats Set of 2 Bats In stock £33.99
Recycled Metal Woodpecker Recycled Metal Woodpecker In stock £24.99
Solar Fairy Stake Solar Fairy Stake In stock £14.99
Hanging Open-Wing Bat Hanging Open-Wing Bat In stock £19.99
Handmade Metal Poppy Handmade Metal Poppy In stock £12.99
Spiral Solar LED Lantern Spiral Solar LED Lantern In stock £24.99
Tree of Life Wall Art Tree of Life Wall Art Pre-Order £45.00
Sitting Frog Ornament Sitting Frog Ornament In stock £29.99
Recycled Bobbin Hanging String Spool BRITAIN Recycled Bobbin Hanging String Spool In stock £12.99
Hanging Closed-Wing Bat Hanging Closed-Wing Bat In stock £16.99
William Blake Bird Bath William Blake Bird Bath In stock £45.00
Wisteria Door Mat Wisteria Door Mat In stock £14.99
Dragonfly Stake Dragonfly Stake In stock £10.99
Solar LED Flower Lantern Solar LED Flower Lantern Pre-Order £19.99
Skeleton Clock Skeleton Clock In stock £39.99
Milà Nymph Plaque BRITAIN Milà Nymph Plaque In stock £39.99
Garden Cat Garden Cat In stock £45.00
Reading Girl Statue Reading Girl Statue Pre-Order £65.00
Set of 3 Garden Statues BRITAIN Set of 3 Garden Statues In stock £105.00
Arson Bird Ornament Arson Bird Ornament In stock £17.99
Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter In stock £60.00
Hedgehog Planter ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hedgehog Planter In stock £27.99
Hedera Bird Bath Hedera Bird Bath Pre-Order £29.99
Squirrel Ornament Squirrel Ornament In stock £45.00
Gothic Arch Mirror Gothic Arch Mirror Pre-Order £75.00
Acorn Feeder & Bracket Acorn Feeder & Bracket Pre-Order £19.99
Gazing Frog Gazing Frog In stock £19.99
Triple Plant Stand Triple Plant Stand   Last few remaining £90.00
Gazing Globe Stand ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Gazing Globe Stand In stock £6.99
Blue Nouveau Butterfly Blue Nouveau Butterfly In stock £9.99
Chatting Mice Chatting Mice Pre-Order £9.99
Yellow Nouveau Butterfly Yellow Nouveau Butterfly Pre-Order £9.99
Sunflowers Food Cover Sunflowers Food Cover Pre-Order £10.99
Garden Quoits Game Garden Quoits Game Pre-Order £14.99
Greenman Plaque Greenman Plaque In stock £14.99
Happiness Plaque BRITAIN Happiness Plaque In stock £14.99
Tulip Narrow Doormat Tulip Narrow Doormat In stock £14.99
Corner Bird Feeder Corner Bird Feeder Pre-Order £19.99
Fairy Boy Garden Statue Fairy Boy Garden Statue Pre-Order £19.99
Fairy Girl Garden Statue Fairy Girl Garden Statue Pre-Order £19.99
Fuchsia Wind Chime Fuchsia Wind Chime In stock £19.99
Wooden Garden Dominoes Wooden Garden Dominoes In stock £19.99
Sleeping Hedgehog Ornament BRITAIN Sleeping Hedgehog Ornament In stock £22.99
Sunnycroft Seat Pads Sunnycroft Seat Pads Pre-Order £24.99
Colby Floral Bench Cushion Colby Floral Bench Cushion Pre-Order £27.99
Hughenden Bench Cushion Hughenden Bench Cushion Pre-Order £27.99
Sunnycroft Bench Cushion Sunnycroft Bench Cushion Pre-Order £29.99