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Terracotta Citronella Coil Holder Terracotta Citronella Coil Holder £8.99
Armillary Stake NEWICON Armillary Stake £19.99
Hedgehog Pot Hanger NEWICON Hedgehog Pot Hanger £19.99
Wicker Basket NEWICON Wicker Basket £19.99
Hand-painted Palais Wall Planter NEWICON Hand-painted Palais Wall Planter £27.99
Bicycle Plant Stand NEWICON Bicycle Plant Stand £39.99
Dachshund Planter  NEWICON Dachshund Planter £85.00
Birdhouse Plant Shelf Birdhouse Plant Shelf £19.99
Blaschka Butterfly Stakes Blaschka Butterfly Stakes £24.99
Woodland Border Support Woodland Border Support £24.99
Woodland Trellis Woodland Trellis £24.99
Woodland Obelisk - Medium Woodland Obelisk - Medium £37.99
Woodland Obelisk  - Large Woodland Obelisk - Large £55.00
Triple Plant Stand Triple Plant Stand £80.00
Triple-Tier Plant Stand Triple-Tier Plant Stand £80.00
Wicker Teacup Planter ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Wicker Teacup Planter £17.99
Fleur-de-lis Trellis Fleur-de-lis Trellis £19.99
Decorative Border Support Decorative Border Support £24.99
Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter £49.99
Foliate Planters ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Foliate Planters £65.00
Triple Pot Shelf Triple Pot Shelf £99.99
Set of 2 Victorian Obelisks Set of 2 Victorian Obelisks £115.00
Japanese Arch Japanese Arch £160.00

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