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Tudor Wall Planter Tudor Wall Planter In stock £24.99
Montacute Wall Planter Montacute Wall Planter In stock £45.00
Climbing Cat Pot Hanger Climbing Cat Pot Hanger In stock £8.99
Fern Wall Planter Fern Wall Planter In stock £24.99
Edwardian Birdcage Planters Edwardian Birdcage Planters In stock £75.00
Elephant Planter Elephant Planter In stock £175.00
Set of 5 Bulb Markers NEWICON Set of 5 Bulb Markers In stock £12.99
Folk Art Watering Can NEWICON Folk Art Watering Can Pre-Order £37.99
Recycled Bobbin Hanging String Spool BRITAIN Recycled Bobbin Hanging String Spool In stock £12.99
Triple Plant Stand Triple Plant Stand In stock £90.00
Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter Nouveau Nymph Wall Planter In stock £62.00
Terracotta Citronella Coil Holder Terracotta Citronella Coil Holder   Sold out £8.99
Decorative Border Support Decorative Border Support   Sold out £37.99
Pair of Victorian Obelisks Pair of Victorian Obelisks   Sold out £130.00
Medium Pine Obelisk Medium Pine Obelisk   Sold out £37.99
Triple Pot Shelf Triple Pot Shelf   Sold out £95.00
Large Pine Obelisk Large Pine Obelisk   Sold out £45.00
Hedgehog Planter ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hedgehog Planter   Sold out £27.99