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Fairy Glen

For down the garden path, bring magic with pieces inspired by a fairy glen. Create magical, secluded spots with decorations, ornaments and lanterns that show the fairies have been. Bring wonder and charm to your garden with decor that’s straight from the pages of a childhood fairy tale, with woodland features, fairy mushroom and toadstool ornaments and enchanting wind chimes. For a flight of fancy, colourful butterfly decorations stand with dragonflies and garden fairy statues for whimsical outdoor art whilst friendly frogs and other creatures decoratively abound.
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Verdigris Crane Bird Bath NEWICON Verdigris Crane Bird Bath In stock £145.00
Solar Fairy Stake NEWICON Solar Fairy Stake In stock £14.99
Dragonfly Stake NEWICON Dragonfly Stake In stock £10.99
March Hares Balancing Ornament NEWICON March Hares Balancing Ornament In stock £29.99
Sitting Frog Ornament NEWICON Sitting Frog Ornament In stock £29.99
Decorative Pot Hangers NEWICON Decorative Pot Hangers In stock £14.99
Greenman Plaque NEWICON Greenman Plaque In stock £14.99
Lutyens Bird Feeder NEWICON Lutyens Bird Feeder In stock £19.99
Hummingbird Plaque NEWICON Hummingbird Plaque In stock £29.99
Victorian Bird Feeder NEWICON Victorian Bird Feeder In stock £60.00
Woodland Fairy NEWICON Woodland Fairy In stock £60.00
Spiral Solar LED Lantern Spiral Solar LED Lantern In stock £24.99
Fuchsia Wind Chime Fuchsia Wind Chime In stock £19.99
Hummingbirds Wind Chime Hummingbirds Wind Chime In stock £22.99
Loetz Bird Feeder Loetz Bird Feeder In stock £27.99
Ceramic Maple Leaf Wind Chime NEWICON Ceramic Maple Leaf Wind Chime In stock £17.99
Set of 2 Nouveau Butterflies Set of 2 Nouveau Butterflies In stock £18.99
Solar LED Flower Lantern Solar LED Flower Lantern In stock £19.99
Fairy Boy Garden Statue Fairy Boy Garden Statue In stock £19.99
Fairy Girl Garden Statue Fairy Girl Garden Statue In stock £19.99
Birds & Reed Ornament Birds & Reed Ornament In stock £60.00
Reading Girl Statue Reading Girl Statue In stock £60.00
Blaschka Amber Butterfly Stake ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Blaschka Amber Butterfly Stake In stock £7.50
Blaschka Red Butterfly Stake ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Blaschka Red Butterfly Stake In stock £7.50

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