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Dorking Egg Cup NEWICON Dorking Egg Cup £14.99
Hand-carved Mushrooms NEWICON Hand-carved Mushrooms £14.99
Hedgerow Mug NEWICON Hedgerow Mug £14.99
Lidded Acorn Box NEWICON Lidded Acorn Box £14.99
Orchard Fruits Mug NEWICON Orchard Fruits Mug £14.99
Pomegranate Mug NEWICON Pomegranate Mug £14.99
Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers NEWICON Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers £14.99
Daffodils Worktop Saver NEWICON Daffodils Worktop Saver £17.99
Klimt Magnets NEWICON Klimt Magnets £17.99
Wooden Blue Tit Ornament NEWICON Wooden Blue Tit Ornament £17.99
Bibliophile Bookmark NEWICON Bibliophile Bookmark £19.99
Birth Month Trinket Box NEWICON Birth Month Trinket Box £19.99
Book of Hours Trinket Box NEWICON Book of Hours Trinket Box £19.99
Fuschia Wind Chime NEWICON Fuschia Wind Chime £19.99
Jacob Marrel Tulip Tray NEWICON Jacob Marrel Tulip Tray £19.99
Pair of Easter Napkins & Metal Holder NEWICON Pair of Easter Napkins & Metal Holder £19.99
Sitting & Gazing Hare NEWICON Sitting & Gazing Hare £19.99
Pair of Hare Mugs NEWICON Pair of Hare Mugs £22.50
3 Oriental Flowers LED Candles NEWICON 3 Oriental Flowers LED Candles £22.99
Anemone Jug NEWICON Anemone Jug £22.99
Birds & Botanicals Jug NEWICON Birds & Botanicals Jug £22.99
Country Cats Cruet Set NEWICON Country Cats Cruet Set £22.99
Farmhouse Milk Bottle Carrier NEWICON Farmhouse Milk Bottle Carrier £22.99
Feather Vase NEWICON Feather Vase £22.99
Imperial Enamelled Box NEWICON Imperial Enamelled Box £22.99
Posy Enamelled Frame NEWICON Posy Enamelled Frame £22.99
Rabbit Netsuke NEWICON Rabbit Netsuke £23.99
Toad Netsuke NEWICON Toad Netsuke £23.99
Turtle & Frog Netsuke NEWICON Turtle & Frog Netsuke £23.99
Blue Floral Watercolour Cushion NEWICON Blue Floral Watercolour Cushion £24.99
Blue Tit Cruet Set NEWICON Blue Tit Cruet Set £24.99
Daffodil Cushion NEWICON Daffodil Cushion £24.99
Jazz Age Enamel Box NEWICON Jazz Age Enamel Box £24.99
Mackintosh Cushion NEWICON Mackintosh Cushion £24.99
Mouse on Mushroom Bronze NEWICON Mouse on Mushroom Bronze £24.99
Porcelain Lidded Candle NEWICON Porcelain Lidded Candle £24.99
RHS Birds Mugs Set NEWICON RHS Birds Mugs Set £24.99
Rose & Hydrangea Arrangement NEWICON Rose & Hydrangea Arrangement £24.99
Vintage Rose Arrangement NEWICON Vintage Rose Arrangement £24.99
Fern Bowl NEWICON Fern Bowl £27.99
Flora Vase NEWICON Flora Vase £27.99
Grapevine Goblet NEWICON Grapevine Goblet £27.99
Set of 2 Orchard & Pomegranate Mugs NEWICON Set of 2 Orchard & Pomegranate Mugs £28.50
Hand-carved Selenite Birds NEWICON Hand-carved Selenite Birds £29.99
Modernist Letter Rack NEWICON Modernist Letter Rack £29.99
Thuya Marquetry Box NEWICON Thuya Marquetry Box £29.99
Bird in the Hand Tin Tray NEWICON Bird in the Hand Tin Tray £32.99
Giambologna Horse NEWICON Giambologna Horse £32.99

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