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Cloisonné Oval Box NEWICON Cloisonné Oval Box £9.99
Dresser Candle Jar NEWICON Dresser Candle Jar £9.99
Sweet Pea Soap Dish NEWICON Sweet Pea Soap Dish £9.99
Aarne Photo frame NEWICON Aarne Photo frame £12.99
May Queen Pill Box NEWICON May Queen Pill Box £14.99
Art Nouveau Photo Frame NEWICON Art Nouveau Photo Frame £19.99
Dragonfly Tealight Holder NEWICON Dragonfly Tealight Holder £19.99
Peter Rabbit Box NEWICON Peter Rabbit Box £19.99
Victorian Trinket Box NEWICON Victorian Trinket Box £19.99
Trio of Dancers NEWICON Trio of Dancers £22.99
Bohemian Egg NEWICON Bohemian Egg £24.99
Naval Pencil Box NEWICON Naval Pencil Box £24.99
Guilloché Bell Trinket Box NEWICON Guilloché Bell Trinket Box £27.99
Robin Trinket Box NEWICON Robin Trinket Box £27.99
Imperial Egg Box NEWICON Imperial Egg Box £29.99
Peonies & Blossom Arrangement NEWICON Peonies & Blossom Arrangement £45.00
Moon Gazing Hare Sculpture NEWICON Moon Gazing Hare Sculpture £60.00
Remembrance Paperweight NEWICON Remembrance Paperweight £65.00
Crested Tit Paperweight NEWICON Crested Tit Paperweight £99.00
Christmas Robin Paperweight NEWICON Christmas Robin Paperweight £105.00
Bronze Art Deco Sungazer NEWICON Bronze Art Deco Sungazer £150.00

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