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Boozy Chocolate Truffles BRITAIN Boozy Chocolate Truffles Pre-Order £19.99
Boxing Day Chutney BRITAIN Boxing Day Chutney In stock £4.99
Tipsy Chocolates BRITAIN Tipsy Chocolates Pre-Order £11.99
Tiptree Savoury Collection Box NEWICON Tiptree Savoury Collection Box Pre-Order £9.99
Fig Chutney BRITAIN Fig Chutney In stock £5.99
Chocolates for Wine NEWICON Chocolates for Wine In stock £14.99
Edradour Malt Whisky Cake NEWICON Edradour Malt Whisky Cake   Last few remaining £9.99
Chocolate Violin & Musical Notes BRITAIN Chocolate Violin & Musical Notes In stock £11.99
Cat Tin With Biscuits BRITAIN Cat Tin With Biscuits In stock £14.99
Luxury Chocolate Nut Assortment NEWICON Luxury Chocolate Nut Assortment In stock £22.99
Drinking Chocolate - Caramel NEWICON Drinking Chocolate - Caramel In stock £9.99
Drinking Chocolate - Cinnamon NEWICON Drinking Chocolate - Cinnamon In stock £9.99
Christmas Pheasant Biscuit Tin NEWICON Christmas Pheasant Biscuit Tin In stock £12.99
Luxury Iced Christmas Cake BRITAIN Luxury Iced Christmas Cake In stock £17.99
Literary Chocolate Bar Assortment NEWICON Literary Chocolate Bar Assortment In stock £17.99
Christmas Pudding With Orange Liqueur NEWICON Christmas Pudding With Orange Liqueur In stock £19.99
Amatller Chocolates Gift Set NEWICON Amatller Chocolates Gift Set In stock £24.99
Dried Fruit & Nut Selection Box NEWICON Dried Fruit & Nut Selection Box In stock £24.99
Lime Honey With Gin NEWICON Lime Honey With Gin In stock £7.99
Luxury Hot Chocolate BRITAIN Luxury Hot Chocolate In stock £9.99
Belgian Milk Chocolate flaked Truffles NEWICON Belgian Milk Chocolate flaked Truffles In stock £7.99
Fragrant Peppermint Tea BRITAIN Fragrant Peppermint Tea In stock £7.99
Honey With Orange Zest NEWICON Honey With Orange Zest In stock £7.99
Nut Brittle Selection Box NEWICON Nut Brittle Selection Box In stock £12.99