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Belgian Christmas Chocolates Box NEWICON Belgian Christmas Chocolates Box £12.99
Chocolate Fudge Balloon Tin NEWICON Chocolate Fudge Balloon Tin £12.99
Soft Italian Nougat NEWICON Soft Italian Nougat £12.99
Boozy Fruits Duo NEWICON Boozy Fruits Duo £14.99
Airfix Spitfire Humbugs Tin NEWICON Airfix Spitfire Humbugs Tin £7.99
Fudge-filled Stocking Tin NEWICON Fudge-filled Stocking Tin £9.99
Dark Chocolate Cherry Marzipan NEWICON Dark Chocolate Cherry Marzipan £11.99
Aristocratic Tea Caddy NEWICON Aristocratic Tea Caddy £7.99
Cherry & Almond Christmas Cake NEWICON Cherry & Almond Christmas Cake £11.99
Dark Chocolate Praline-filled Wafers NEWICON Dark Chocolate Praline-filled Wafers £11.99
Tea House & Old Bakery Chocolate Tins NEWICON Tea House & Old Bakery Chocolate Tins £11.99
Festive Derbyshire Chocolates NEWICON Festive Derbyshire Chocolates £12.99
Flower Fairies Fudge Tin NEWICON Flower Fairies Fudge Tin £12.99
Spicy & Sweet Nut Selection NEWICON Spicy & Sweet Nut Selection £14.99
Classic English Pickles NEWICON Classic English Pickles £17.99
Christmas Visitors Biscuit Tin NEWICON Christmas Visitors Biscuit Tin £12.99
Wassail Boozy Christmas Chocolates NEWICON Wassail Boozy Christmas Chocolates £22.99
Organic Holiday Tea Collection NEWICON Organic Holiday Tea Collection £12.99
Tipsy Mini Jams & Marmalade NEWICON Tipsy Mini Jams & Marmalade £7.99
Rose & Violet Dark Chocolate Creams NEWICON Rose & Violet Dark Chocolate Creams £6.99
Winter Church Biscuits & Tea Tin NEWICON Winter Church Biscuits & Tea Tin £7.99
6 Chocolate Neapolitan Decorations NEWICON 6 Chocolate Neapolitan Decorations £19.99
Nutcracker Drummer Biscuit Tin NEWICON Nutcracker Drummer Biscuit Tin £14.99
Set of 2 Tipsy Fudge Drums NEWICON Set of 2 Tipsy Fudge Drums £14.99

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