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Collecting is a pleasure that can be enjoyed at any age. Here you'll find our treasury of collector's gifts, with carefully sourced collectibles from the finest manufacturers like Royal Crown Derby. Delight in the simple joy of miniatures, replicas, fine bone china, porcelain, glassware and Japanese Netsuke to name but a few of our coveted collectable pieces.
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Framed Battle of Britain Collection NEWICON Framed Battle of Britain Collection Pre-Order £49.99
4 Birthday Sixpence Cards NEWICON 4 Birthday Sixpence Cards In stock £5.99
Barn Owl Paperweight Barn Owl Paperweight In stock £190.00
Birth Month Glass Heart Birth Month Glass Heart In stock £12.99
Birth Month Glass Teardrops Birth Month Glass Teardrops In stock £14.99
Birth Month Trinket Box Birth Month Trinket Box In stock £19.99
Birthstone Glass Bird Birthstone Glass Bird In stock £17.99
Turtle & Frog Netsuke ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Turtle & Frog Netsuke In stock £23.99
Hand-Carved Rat Netsuke Hand-Carved Rat Netsuke Pre-Order £23.99
Toad Netsuke ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Toad Netsuke In stock £23.99
Hand-Carved Fish Netsuke Hand-Carved Fish Netsuke In stock £23.99
Hand-Carved Pekinese Dog Netsuke Hand-Carved Pekinese Dog Netsuke In stock £23.99
Roman Britain Replica Coins Set ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Roman Britain Replica Coins Set In stock £34.99
Millefiori Glass Paperweight ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Millefiori Glass Paperweight In stock £58.00
Almond Blossom Paperweight Almond Blossom Paperweight In stock £80.00
Old Spot Piglet Paperweight ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Old Spot Piglet Paperweight In stock £90.00
Garden Nuthatch ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Garden Nuthatch In stock £130.00
Hedgehog Paperweight ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hedgehog Paperweight   Last few remaining £140.00
Autumn Squirrel Paperweight Autumn Squirrel Paperweight In stock £160.00
Remembrance Paperweight ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Remembrance Paperweight In stock £160.00

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