Mucha Embroidered Nightdress

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Pretty cotton style embroidered with a design inspired by the floral background details in the ‘Moët & Chandon: Champagne White Star’, 1899, promotional poster by Alphonse Mucha (1...
Pretty cotton style embroidered with a design inspired by the floral background details in the ‘Moët & Chandon: Champagne White Star’, 1899, promotional poster by Alphonse Mucha (1860–1939). Mucha worked with Moët & Chandon on a number of posters, catalogues, postcards and other promotional materials, which often featured sensual women and stylised florals. Includes square neckline details with feminine short angel-sleeves.

Made exclusively for Museum Selection.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: White
120 cm long
One size fits up to size 18
Pink-tuck details
Machine washable
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Overall product rating 4.3/5
29 March 2022
Service Rating:
Lovely comfy design but disappointing fabric quality. Will mot last.
By Mrs daniele moutet
03 March 2022
Service Rating:
Très belle chemise de nuit, je suis satisfaite de mon achat.
23 June 2021
Service Rating:
Fabulous embroidery, but really irritating sleeves in bed at night
27 August 2020
Service Rating:
I love this nightdress, perfect for a good night's sleep.
We hope that you enjoy wearing our Mucha Embroidered Nightdress, many thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. Warm regards, Chloe
20 August 2020
Service Rating:
I chose this design as I liked it best out of all the others but sadly, on arrival, I discovered that the thin transparency of the material makes it only wearable when there are no family members or house guests! Quite expensive for what is a fairly basic nightdress, compared with similar styles from other companies. Cool and comfortable.
By Mr Martin Bulmer
10 August 2020
Service Rating:
I'm told that it is comfortable and pretty.
By Emma Knowles
18 March 2020
Service Rating:
This nightie has very beautiful embroidery and sleeves. Surprisingly, it fits nicely despite being one-size up to 18 (I am size 12). It is a little bit translucent, but otherwise good quality. I needed one that was completely opaque, so was going to send it back, but my mum saw it and likes it so much I am giving it to her for her birthday as she doesn't need totally opaque nighties!
05 March 2020
Service Rating:
Pretty - but probably a bit light-weight to try yet
29 February 2020
Service Rating:
Very attractive embroidery
By Barrie Allsop
18 February 2020
Service Rating:
Too early to comment.