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Irish Wool Cardigan Irish Wool Cardigan In stock £125.00
Greenleaf Cotton Tunic Greenleaf Cotton Tunic In stock £65.00
Heather Wrap Cardigan Heather Wrap Cardigan   Last few remaining £125.00
Merino Wool Cable-Stitch Cardigan Merino Wool Cable-Stitch Cardigan   Last few remaining £125.00
Aran Zig Zag Stitch Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Aran Zig Zag Stitch Cardigan In stock £125.00
Aran Linen Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Aran Linen Cardigan   Last few remaining £115.00
Grace Cable Waistcoat ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Grace Cable Waistcoat In stock £75.00
Heather Wool Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Heather Wool Cardigan   Last few remaining £120.00
Fair Isle Hand-knitted Cardigan Fair Isle Hand-knitted Cardigan In stock £125.00
Trailing Blooms Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Trailing Blooms Cardigan Limited availability £65.00
Foxtrot Embellished Jumper ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Foxtrot Embellished Jumper Limited availability £80.00
Irish Wool Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Irish Wool Cardigan   Last few remaining £99.00
Raspberry Merino Wool Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Raspberry Merino Wool Cardigan In stock £115.00
Clonmore Wool and Cashmere Jumper ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Clonmore Wool and Cashmere Jumper   Last few remaining £120.00
Braid Fairisle Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Braid Fairisle Cardigan   Last few remaining £125.00
Merino Wool Cable-Stitch Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Merino Wool Cable-Stitch Cardigan In stock £125.00
Millefleurs Jacquard Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Millefleurs Jacquard Cardigan Limited availability £130.00
Millefleurs Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Millefleurs Cardigan In stock £150.00
Shetland Fair Isle Cardigan Shetland Fair Isle Cardigan In stock £150.00
Stained Glass Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Stained Glass Cardigan In stock £195.00
Kennet Floral Alpaca Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Kennet Floral Alpaca Cardigan   Last few remaining £199.00
Alpaca Peacock Waistcoat ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Alpaca Peacock Waistcoat   Last few remaining £230.00
Art Nouveau Embellished Jumper ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Art Nouveau Embellished Jumper   Out of stock £65.00
Celtic Tree Button Cardigan ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Celtic Tree Button Cardigan   Out of stock £99.00

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