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Sibylle Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Sibylle Necklace In stock £27.99
Georgian Blue Topaz Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Georgian Blue Topaz Pendant   Last few remaining £32.99
Imperial Russian Egg Bracelet ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Imperial Russian Egg Bracelet   Last few remaining £34.99
Cologne Peridot & Iolite Pendant Cologne Peridot & Iolite Pendant   Last few remaining £39.99
Rossetti Gemstone Necklace Rossetti Gemstone Necklace   Last few remaining £39.99
Stoclet Enamelled Bangle Stoclet Enamelled Bangle   Last few remaining £39.99
Amber Bee Brooch Amber Bee Brooch Pre-Order £45.00
Belle Époque Spinel Earrings Belle Époque Spinel Earrings In stock £55.00
Golden Age Garnet Pendant Golden Age Garnet Pendant   Last few remaining £55.00
Mackintosh Opalite Earrings Mackintosh Opalite Earrings Pre-Order £55.00
Pre-Raphaelite Pearl Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pre-Raphaelite Pearl Necklace In stock £55.00
Roman Glass Teardrop Earrings Roman Glass Teardrop Earrings Pre-Order £55.00
Art Nouveau Triple-Strand Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Art Nouveau Triple-Strand Necklace In stock £58.00
Elsie Jade & Pearl Necklace Elsie Jade & Pearl Necklace In stock £65.00
Our Song Shall Rise Silver Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Our Song Shall Rise Silver Pendant In stock £65.00
Pu-abi Agate & Lapis Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pu-abi Agate & Lapis Necklace In stock £65.00
Roman Glass Teardrop Pendant Roman Glass Teardrop Pendant Pre-Order £65.00
Aquamarine & Pearl Necklace Aquamarine & Pearl Necklace In stock £70.00
Renaissance Amethyst & Pearl Pendant Renaissance Amethyst & Pearl Pendant In stock £70.00
Suffragette Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Suffragette Necklace In stock £70.00
Blue Bird of Happiness Necklet Blue Bird of Happiness Necklet In stock £75.00
Roman Glass & Kyanite Pendant Roman Glass & Kyanite Pendant   Last few remaining £75.00
Celtic Revival Tree of Life Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Celtic Revival Tree of Life Pendant   Last few remaining £78.00
Lady Hildyard Pearl Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Lady Hildyard Pearl Necklace   Last few remaining £80.00
Skønvirke Amber Bracelet Skønvirke Amber Bracelet In stock £80.00
Garnet & Pearl Portrait Necklace Garnet & Pearl Portrait Necklace   Last few remaining £85.00
Imperial Roman Lapis Necklace Imperial Roman Lapis Necklace   Last few remaining £85.00
Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant In stock £85.00
Irises Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Irises Necklace In stock £88.00
Stoclet Pendant Stoclet Pendant In stock £88.00
Parisienne Lapis & Pearl Necklace Parisienne Lapis & Pearl Necklace In stock £90.00
Fiorato Glass & Jade Necklace Fiorato Glass & Jade Necklace   Last few remaining £95.00
Art Deco Murano Glass Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Art Deco Murano Glass Necklace In stock £99.00
Emilie Glass & Lapis Necklace Emilie Glass & Lapis Necklace In stock £110.00
Gold & Topaz Georgian Pendant Gold & Topaz Georgian Pendant In stock £250.00
Hoffmann Gemstone Earrings ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hoffmann Gemstone Earrings   Sold out £80.00
Hoffmann Gemstone Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hoffmann Gemstone Pendant   Sold out £110.00