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Cat's Eye Glasses Keeper Brooch New arrivals product icon Cat's Eye Glasses Keeper Brooch In stock £14.99
Artist's Palette Brooch Artist's Palette Brooch Pre-Order £9.99
Roman Hare Brooch Roman Hare Brooch Pre-Order £14.99
Enamelled Swallow Brooch Enamelled Swallow Brooch In stock £14.99
Poppy Enamelled Brooch Poppy Enamelled Brooch In stock £14.99
Victorian Swallow Brooch New arrivals product icon Victorian Swallow Brooch In stock £15.99
Vever Butterfly Brooch New arrivals product icon Vever Butterfly Brooch In stock £18.99
Tirtoff Fox Brooch Tirtoff Fox Brooch In stock £19.99
Natural Rose Pin Brooch Natural Rose Pin Brooch In stock £40.00
Blue Topaz Deco Ring Blue Topaz Deco Ring In stock £42.00
Conker Mouse Brooch Conker Mouse Brooch In stock £55.00
Suffragette Gemstone Ring Suffragette Gemstone Ring In stock £65.00
Skønvirke Amber Brooch Skønvirke Amber Brooch   Last few remaining £70.00
Victorian Amber Owl Brooch Victorian Amber Owl Brooch In stock £70.00
Lucky Black Cat Brooch Lucky Black Cat Brooch In stock £12.99
Art Deco Dog Brooch Art Deco Dog Brooch In stock £17.99
Hunterston Scarf Clip Hunterston Scarf Clip   Last few remaining £14.99
Rozet Butterfly Brooch Rozet Butterfly Brooch In stock £14.99
Hydrangea Brooch Hydrangea Brooch In stock £19.99
Basket of Pansies Brooch Basket of Pansies Brooch In stock £16.99
Enamel & Amethyst Ring Enamel & Amethyst Ring In stock £65.00
Snowdrop Brooch Snowdrop Brooch   Sold out £18.99
Autumn Chrysanthemum Brooch New arrivals product icon Autumn Chrysanthemum Brooch   Sold out £14.99
Grasset Enamelled Brooch Grasset Enamelled Brooch   Sold out £68.00