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Portrait of a Lady Necklace Portrait of a Lady Necklace In stock £34.99
Roman Aquamarine Earrings Roman Aquamarine Earrings In stock £39.99
Skønvirke Amber Necklace Skønvirke Amber Necklace   Last few remaining £75.00
Talisman Turquoise Necklace Talisman Turquoise Necklace In stock £78.00
Renaissance Amethyst & Pearl Set Renaissance Amethyst & Pearl Set In stock £110.00
Quatrefoil Enamelled Set Quatrefoil Enamelled Set In stock £39.99
Amber Bee Earrings Amber Bee Earrings In stock £45.00
Blue Bird of Happiness Earrings Blue Bird of Happiness Earrings   Last few remaining £45.00
Renaissance Amethyst & Pearl Pendant Renaissance Amethyst & Pearl Pendant In stock £70.00
Belle Epoque Spinel Set Belle Epoque Spinel Set In stock £90.00
Parisienne Lapis & Pearl Necklace Parisienne Lapis & Pearl Necklace In stock £90.00
Forget-me-not Charm NEWICON Forget-me-not Charm In stock £6.99
Pansy Charm NEWICON Pansy Charm In stock £6.99
Snowdrop Charm NEWICON Snowdrop Charm In stock £6.99
Charm Bracelet NEWICON Charm Bracelet In stock £9.99
Choir Earrings NEWICON Choir Earrings In stock £14.99
Floral Circlet Brooch NEWICON Floral Circlet Brooch In stock £14.99
Fuchsia Crystal Brooch NEWICON Fuchsia Crystal Brooch In stock £14.99
Medieval Lapis & Enamel Earrings NEWICON Medieval Lapis & Enamel Earrings In stock £14.99
Victorian Poppy Brooch Victorian Poppy Brooch In stock £14.99
Art Deco Owl Brooch NEWICON Art Deco Owl Brooch In stock £16.99
Choir Pendant NEWICON Choir Pendant In stock £16.99
Mignot Earrings NEWICON Mignot Earrings In stock £16.99
Mignot Pendant NEWICON Mignot Pendant In stock £17.99
Guangxu Flower Pendant NEWICON Guangxu Flower Pendant In stock £22.99
Medieval Lapis & Enamel Bracelet NEWICON Medieval Lapis & Enamel Bracelet In stock £22.99
Victorian Poppy Brooch & Earrings Victorian Poppy Brooch & Earrings In stock £26.50
Ophelia Glasses Keeper NEWICON Ophelia Glasses Keeper In stock £29.99
Winter Rose Earrings NEWICON Winter Rose Earrings Pre-Order £29.99
Murano Lustre Earrings NEWICON Murano Lustre Earrings In stock £32.99
Viking Silver & Amber Stud Earrings NEWICON Viking Silver & Amber Stud Earrings In stock £32.99
Alexandra Enamel Bangle NEWICON Alexandra Enamel Bangle In stock £34.99
Kangxi Cloisonne Earrings NEWICON Kangxi Cloisonne Earrings In stock £34.99
Knox Entwined Leaf Bangle NEWICON Knox Entwined Leaf Bangle In stock £34.99
Art Nouveau Blossom Bracelet NEWICON Art Nouveau Blossom Bracelet In stock £37.99
Belle Époque Spinel Pendant Belle Époque Spinel Pendant In stock £39.99
Portrait Gemstone Earrings NEWICON Portrait Gemstone Earrings In stock £39.99
Stoclet Enamelled Bangle Stoclet Enamelled Bangle   Last few remaining £39.99
Winter Rose Pendant NEWICON Winter Rose Pendant Pre-Order £42.99
Portrait Gemstone Pendant NEWICON Portrait Gemstone Pendant In stock £45.00
Viking Silver & Amber Pendant NEWICON Viking Silver & Amber Pendant In stock £45.00
Romanov Crystal Earrings NEWICON Romanov Crystal Earrings Pre-Order £49.99
Romanov Crystal Pendant NEWICON Romanov Crystal Pendant Pre-Order £49.99
Belle Époque Spinel Earrings Belle Époque Spinel Earrings In stock £55.00
Good Fortune Lapis Earrings NEWICON Good Fortune Lapis Earrings Pre-Order £58.00
Amethyst & Silver Ring NEWICON Amethyst & Silver Ring In stock £65.00
Art Nouveau Fan Brooch NEWICON Art Nouveau Fan Brooch In stock £65.00
Mouse Amongst Blackberries Brooch NEWICON Mouse Amongst Blackberries Brooch Pre-Order £65.00