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Embroidered Velvet Clouet Jacket Embroidered Velvet Clouet Jacket In stock £135.00
Sprigs Nightdress Sprigs Nightdress In stock £37.99
Dearle Satin Blouse Dearle Satin Blouse In stock £42.99
Mucha Embroidered Nightdress Mucha Embroidered Nightdress In stock £45.00
Khokhloma Devoré Cover-Up Khokhloma Devoré Cover-Up In stock £80.00
Celtic Tree Button Cardigan Celtic Tree Button Cardigan In stock £99.00
Nouveau Nightdress Nouveau Nightdress In stock £45.00
Art Deco Westie Blouse Art Deco Westie Blouse In stock £55.00
Art Deco Jumper Art Deco Jumper In stock £65.00
Liberty Tana Lawn Cotton Blouse Liberty Tana Lawn Cotton Blouse In stock £75.00
Heather Wool Cardigan Heather Wool Cardigan In stock £120.00
Aran Merino Wool Cape Aran Merino Wool Cape   Last few remaining £125.00
Merino Wool Cable-Stitch Cardigan Merino Wool Cable-Stitch Cardigan In stock £125.00
Longline Brocade Jacket Longline Brocade Jacket   Last few remaining £135.00
Corde Du Roi Dress Corde Du Roi Dress In stock £65.00
Art Nouveau Lightweight Coat Art Nouveau Lightweight Coat   Last few remaining £95.00
Floral Embroidered Shirt Floral Embroidered Shirt   Last few remaining £34.99
Victorian Lace Cover-up Victorian Lace Cover-up Limited availability £37.99
Morris Willow Bough Jersey Blouse Morris Willow Bough Jersey Blouse In stock £49.99
Art Deco Contrast Trim Jumper Art Deco Contrast Trim Jumper Limited availability £55.00
Jazz Age Jersey Top Jazz Age Jersey Top Limited availability £55.00
Reversible Paisley Waistcoat Reversible Paisley Waistcoat   Last few remaining £55.00
Cotton Chintz Pyjamas Cotton Chintz Pyjamas   Last few remaining £58.00
Balochi Bell-sleeve Cotton Tunic Balochi Bell-sleeve Cotton Tunic   Last few remaining £60.00
Klein Rose Tunic Klein Rose Tunic Limited availability £60.00
Art Nouveau Top Art Nouveau Top Limited availability £65.00
Trailing Blooms Cardigan Trailing Blooms Cardigan Limited availability £65.00
Art Deco Dress Art Deco Dress Limited availability £85.00
Fantin-Latour Dress Fantin-Latour Dress   Last few remaining £110.00
Velvet Appliqué Jacket Velvet Appliqué Jacket In stock £135.00
Victorian Paisley Velvet Coat Victorian Paisley Velvet Coat In stock £140.00
Morris Rose Cardigan Morris Rose Cardigan   Last few remaining £150.00
Tudor Embroidered Nightdress Tudor Embroidered Nightdress In stock £45.00
Embroidered Bed Jacket Embroidered Bed Jacket In stock £29.99
Fleece Chintz Bed Jacket NEWICON Fleece Chintz Bed Jacket In stock £29.99
Ankur Cotton Tunic Ankur Cotton Tunic In stock £34.99
Brushed Cotton Floral Nightdress NEWICON Brushed Cotton Floral Nightdress In stock £37.99
Lavender Embroidered Nightdress Lavender Embroidered Nightdress In stock £45.00
Lady Alys Nightdress Lady Alys Nightdress In stock £55.00
Cubist Cover-up Cubist Cover-up In stock £60.00
Botanical Reversible Jacket Botanical Reversible Jacket In stock £85.00
Embroidered Velvet Tudor Jacket Embroidered Velvet Tudor Jacket In stock £99.00
Moccasin Suede Slippers NEWICON Moccasin Suede Slippers In stock £24.99
Lowry Silk Scarf Lowry Silk Scarf In stock £32.99
Art Nouveau Birds Tunic Art Nouveau Birds Tunic In stock £34.99
Arts & Crafts Tunic Arts & Crafts Tunic In stock £34.99
Florentine Tunic Florentine Tunic In stock £34.99
Aesthetic Movement Embroidered Tunic Aesthetic Movement Embroidered Tunic In stock £37.99

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