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Bohemian Egg Bohemian Egg £24.99
Moccasin Suede Slippers Moccasin Suede Slippers £24.99
Pair of Crystal Butterfly Brooches Pair of Crystal Butterfly Brooches £24.99
Embroidered Bed Jacket Embroidered Bed Jacket £27.99
Freesia Arrangement Freesia Arrangement £29.99
Mother-of-Pearl Blossom Earrings Mother-of-Pearl Blossom Earrings £29.99
Pisani Planter Pisani Planter £29.99
Victorian Birdcage Feeder Victorian Birdcage Feeder £29.99
Bouquet Musical Box Bouquet Musical Box £32.99
Victoriana Longline Tunic Victoriana Longline Tunic £34.99
Bellis Perennis Embroidered Blouse Bellis Perennis Embroidered Blouse £37.99
Sprigs Jersey Nightdress Sprigs Jersey Nightdress £37.99
Porcelain Bloom Pendant & Earrings Porcelain Bloom Pendant & Earrings £40.99
Chintz Cushion Chintz Cushion £42.99
Victorian Bird Feeder Victorian Bird Feeder £45.00
Violet Silver Earrings Violet Silver Earrings £45.00
Embroidered Buds Nightdress Embroidered Buds Nightdress £47.99
Alimonda Lapis & White Sapphire Pendant Alimonda Lapis & White Sapphire Pendant £49.99
Embroidered Towelling Robe Embroidered Towelling Robe £49.99
Paisley Jacquard Scarf Paisley Jacquard Scarf £49.99
Victorian Silver Initial Pendant Victorian Silver Initial Pendant £49.99
Reading Girl Statue Reading Girl Statue £58.00
Gayrard Dog Gayrard Dog £60.00
Alimonda Lapis & White Sapphire Earrings Alimonda Lapis & White Sapphire Earrings £65.00
Chalcedony Cameo Pendant Chalcedony Cameo Pendant £65.00
Lilac Linen Tablecloth Lilac Linen Tablecloth £65.00
Shaped Leather Handbag Shaped Leather Handbag £65.00
Suffragette Gemstone Ring Suffragette Gemstone Ring £65.00
Suffragette Necklace Suffragette Necklace £65.00
Campsie Fells Necklace Campsie Fells Necklace £70.00
Eltham Pearls Eltham Pearls £70.00
Embossed Leather Handbag Embossed Leather Handbag £70.00
Viennese Memory Necklace Viennese Memory Necklace £70.00
Duck Decanter Duck Decanter £75.00
Violet Silver Necklace Violet Silver Necklace £75.00
Botanical Reversible Jacket Botanical Reversible Jacket £85.00
Delphia Floral Jacket Delphia Floral Jacket £90.00
Sapphire Ruby & Diamond Pendant Sapphire Ruby & Diamond Pendant £90.00
Grey Crooksbury Table Grey Crooksbury Table £99.99
Lapis & White Sapphire Pendant & Earrings Lapis & White Sapphire Pendant & Earrings £110.00
Set of 2 Victorian Obelisks Set of 2 Victorian Obelisks £115.00
Violet Silver Necklace & Earrings Violet Silver Necklace & Earrings £115.00
Garland Silver & Aventurine Watch Garland Silver & Aventurine Watch £150.00
Jacquard Waterfall Cardigan Jacquard Waterfall Cardigan £150.00
Posy Cotton Double Quilt Posy Cotton Double Quilt £175.00
Victoria Park Bench Victoria Park Bench £199.00
Roses Jacquard Cardigan Roses Jacquard Cardigan £225.00
Velvet Occasional Chair Velvet Occasional Chair £340.00

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