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Flower Basket Ornament Flower Basket Ornament In stock £29.99
Queen of Hearts' Croquet Queen of Hearts' Croquet In stock £45.00
Embroidered Towelling Robe Embroidered Towelling Robe Pre-Order £49.99
Tiger Lily Cotton Tunic Tiger Lily Cotton Tunic In stock £55.00
Suffragette Silver Earrings Suffragette Silver Earrings In stock £58.00
Hand-block-printed Tunic Hand-block-printed Tunic   Last few remaining £65.00
Suffragette Silver Pendant Suffragette Silver Pendant In stock £72.00
Paisley Wool & Silk Scarf Paisley Wool & Silk Scarf   Last few remaining £75.00
Victorian Lion Sculpture Victorian Lion Sculpture In stock £80.00
Artificial Weeping Fig Artificial Weeping Fig In stock £85.00
Fiorato Glass & Amethyst Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Fiorato Glass & Amethyst Necklace   Last few remaining £85.00
Honiton Corduroy Dress Honiton Corduroy Dress In stock £85.00
Hot House Botanical Duvet Set ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Hot House Botanical Duvet Set   Last few remaining £95.00
Posy Cotton Lap Quilt Posy Cotton Lap Quilt In stock £95.00
Botanical Border Rug Botanical Border Rug Pre-Order £125.00
Gothic Garden Mirror Gothic Garden Mirror In stock £125.00
Velvet Appliqué Jacket Velvet Appliqué Jacket In stock £135.00
Peony Table Lamp Peony Table Lamp Pre-Order £145.00
Victorian Floral Trail Coat ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Victorian Floral Trail Coat In stock £145.00
Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand In stock £175.00
Montélimar Floral Double Quilt Montélimar Floral Double Quilt In stock £175.00
Velvet Storage Ottoman ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Velvet Storage Ottoman   Last few remaining £240.00
Country Pine 5-Drawer Tallboy Country Pine 5-Drawer Tallboy In stock £250.00
Mahogany Whatnot Mahogany Whatnot Pre-Order £255.00
Two Tone Drum Table ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Two Tone Drum Table In stock £355.00
Mahogany Nest of Tables Mahogany Nest of Tables Pre-Order £365.00
Velvet Compact Armchair Velvet Compact Armchair In stock £420.00
Mouse with Egg Cup Ornament NEWICON Mouse with Egg Cup Ornament   Sold out £34.99
The Bronte Sisters Poems NEWICON The Bronte Sisters Poems   Sold out £9.99
Brontë & Browning Poetry Books NEWICON Brontë & Browning Poetry Books   Sold out £18.99
Magnolia Quilt & Sham Set NEWICON Magnolia Quilt & Sham Set   Sold out £199.00
Lily of the Valley Soaps BRITAIN Lily of the Valley Soaps   Sold out £10.99
Rousseau Jungle Silk Scarf NEWICON Rousseau Jungle Silk Scarf   Sold out £55.00
English Tea Tin English Tea Tin   Sold out £5.99
Corner Bird Feeder Corner Bird Feeder   Sold out £19.99
Velvet Floral Gloves Velvet Floral Gloves   Sold out £22.99
Appliqué Leather Bag Appliqué Leather Bag   Sold out £90.00
Barn Owl Paperweight BRITAIN Barn Owl Paperweight   Sold out £199.00