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3 Poinsettia Decorations ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE 3 Poinsettia Decorations In stock £12.99
Imperial Enamel & Crystal Bracelet ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Imperial Enamel & Crystal Bracelet In stock £29.99
Ida Floral Hat BRITAIN Ida Floral Hat In stock £42.99
Suffragette Gemstone Earrings ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Suffragette Gemstone Earrings In stock £60.00
Victorian Amethyst Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Victorian Amethyst Necklace In stock £65.00
Lightweight Linen-Rich Jacket ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Lightweight Linen-Rich Jacket In stock £85.00
Paisley Reversible Jacket ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Paisley Reversible Jacket   Last few remaining £88.00
Triple Plant Stand Triple Plant Stand In stock £90.00
Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress In stock £115.00
Mahogany Magazine Table Mahogany Magazine Table In stock £180.00
Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand In stock £195.00
Belvedere Cane Chair Belvedere Cane Chair Pre-Order £225.00
4 Birthday Sixpence Cards 4 Birthday Sixpence Cards Pre-Order £5.99
English Tea Tin English Tea Tin In stock £5.99
English Lavender Hand Cream English Lavender Hand Cream In stock £7.99
Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit In stock £9.99
English Lavender Shower Gel English Lavender Shower Gel In stock £9.99
Dragonfly Tea Light Holder ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Dragonfly Tea Light Holder Pre-Order £17.99
The Antiquarian Sticker Book The Antiquarian Sticker Book In stock £20.00
Velvet Floral Gloves Velvet Floral Gloves In stock £22.99
Embroidered Bed Jacket Embroidered Bed Jacket In stock £37.99
Belle Époque Spinel Pendant Belle Époque Spinel Pendant   Last few remaining £39.99
Queen of Hearts' Croquet Queen of Hearts' Croquet In stock £45.00
Embroidered Towelling Robe Embroidered Towelling Robe In stock £49.99
Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase Pre-Order £49.99
Belle Époque Spinel Earrings ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Belle Époque Spinel Earrings In stock £55.00
Paisley Liberty Silk Scarf Necklace BRITAIN Paisley Liberty Silk Scarf Necklace In stock £55.00
Pre-Raphaelite Pearl Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pre-Raphaelite Pearl Necklace In stock £55.00
Suffragette Necklace Suffragette Necklace In stock £70.00
Blue Bird of Happiness Necklet ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Blue Bird of Happiness Necklet In stock £75.00
Emmeline Embroidered Tunic Emmeline Embroidered Tunic In stock £75.00
Victorian Lion Sculpture ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Victorian Lion Sculpture Pre-Order £80.00
Silver-plated Duck Decanter Silver-plated Duck Decanter In stock £82.00
Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant In stock £85.00
Fiorato Glass & Jade Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Fiorato Glass & Jade Necklace   Last few remaining £95.00
Rattan Conservatory Table ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Rattan Conservatory Table Pre-Order £115.00
Scroll Garden Mirror Scroll Garden Mirror In stock £125.00
Velvet Appliqué Jacket ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Velvet Appliqué Jacket In stock £135.00
Peony Table Lamp Peony Table Lamp In stock £145.00
Ettington Carved Magazine Rack Ettington Carved Magazine Rack   Last few remaining £150.00
Cragside Victorian Bench ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Cragside Victorian Bench Pre-Order £195.00
Rattan Conservatory Chair ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Rattan Conservatory Chair Pre-Order £195.00
Magnolia Quilt & Sham Set ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Magnolia Quilt & Sham Set Pre-Order £199.00
Mahogany Whatnot Mahogany Whatnot In stock £265.00
Clevedon Nest of Mahogany Tables ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Clevedon Nest of Mahogany Tables Pre-Order £295.00
Kidney Mahogany Occasional Table ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Kidney Mahogany Occasional Table Pre-Order £310.00
Two-Tone Drum Table ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Two-Tone Drum Table   Last few remaining £355.00
Mahogany Nest of Tables Mahogany Nest of Tables In stock £390.00