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The Antiquarian Sticker Book The Antiquarian Sticker Book   Last few remaining £20.00
Victorian Birdcage Feeder Victorian Birdcage Feeder In stock £32.99
Floral Sprig Nightdress Floral Sprig Nightdress   Last few remaining £47.99
Klein Cotton Nightdress Klein Cotton Nightdress In stock £49.99
Bohemia Glass & Amethyst Necklace Bohemia Glass & Amethyst Necklace In stock £78.00
Desfossé Roses Reversible Jacket Desfossé Roses Reversible Jacket   Last few remaining £88.00
Damson Cable Stitch Cardigan Damson Cable Stitch Cardigan   Last few remaining £110.00
Velvet Appliqué Jacket Velvet Appliqué Jacket   Last few remaining £135.00
Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit In stock £9.99
Honeysuckle Stitched Bookmark Kit Honeysuckle Stitched Bookmark Kit In stock £9.99
Lavender Heart Sachet Lavender Heart Sachet In stock £9.99
Dragonfly Tea Light Holder Dragonfly Tea Light Holder In stock £19.99
Porcelain Pansy Pendant BRITAIN Porcelain Pansy Pendant   Last few remaining £19.99
Dragonfly Wind Chime Dragonfly Wind Chime In stock £27.99
Porcelain Pansy Earrings BRITAIN Porcelain Pansy Earrings   Last few remaining £39.99
Tiger Tapestry Cushion Tiger Tapestry Cushion In stock £55.00
Hand-block-printed Tunic Hand-block-printed Tunic Limited availability £65.00
Adelaide Blouse Adelaide Blouse In stock £70.00
Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress In stock £115.00
Nightingale Owl Paperweight BRITAIN Nightingale Owl Paperweight Pre-Order £180.00
Victorian Ephemera Paper Napkins Victorian Ephemera Paper Napkins   Last few remaining £9.99
Handmade English Chocolate Cups Handmade English Chocolate Cups In stock £12.99
3 Lavender Hangers 3 Lavender Hangers   Last few remaining £15.99
Moccasin Suede Slippers Moccasin Suede Slippers Limited availability £24.99
Lyrical Butterfly Vase Lyrical Butterfly Vase In stock £34.99
Mouse with Egg Cup Ornament Mouse with Egg Cup Ornament   Last few remaining £34.99
Art Nouveau Bouquet Vase Art Nouveau Bouquet Vase In stock £39.99
Belle Époque Spinel Pendant Belle Époque Spinel Pendant   Last few remaining £39.99
Delphia Cotton Robe Delphia Cotton Robe In stock £45.00
Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase In stock £49.99
Persian Tapestry Cushion Cream Persian Tapestry Cushion Cream   Last few remaining £55.00
Persian Tapestry Cushion Red Persian Tapestry Cushion Red   Last few remaining £55.00
Primroses & Narcissus Tapestry Cushion Primroses & Narcissus Tapestry Cushion In stock £55.00
Emmeline Embroidered Tunic Emmeline Embroidered Tunic In stock £75.00
Victorian Lion Sculpture Victorian Lion Sculpture In stock £90.00
Strawberry Harvest 12-piece Set Strawberry Harvest 12-piece Set In stock £99.00
Rhododendron Quilted Throw Rhododendron Quilted Throw In stock £110.00
Scroll Garden Mirror Scroll Garden Mirror In stock £125.00
Atlas White Occasional Table Atlas White Occasional Table In stock £170.00
Column Pedestal Lamp Table Column Pedestal Lamp Table Pre-Order £175.00
Mahogany Magazine Table Mahogany Magazine Table In stock £180.00
Blue Mughal Rug Blue Mughal Rug In stock £185.00
Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand   Last few remaining £195.00
Magnolia Quilt & Sham Set Magnolia Quilt & Sham Set In stock £220.00
Mahogany Whatnot Mahogany Whatnot Pre-Order £265.00
Ettington Single-Drawer Bookcase Ettington Single-Drawer Bookcase Pre-Order £280.00
Clevedon Nest of Mahogany Tables Clevedon Nest of Mahogany Tables   Last few remaining £360.00
Velvet Compact Armchair Velvet Compact Armchair In stock £420.00