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Bouquet Cotton Pyjamas NEWICON Bouquet Cotton Pyjamas In stock £55.00
Paisley Liberty Silk Scarf Necklace NEWICON Paisley Liberty Silk Scarf Necklace In stock £55.00
Hot House Botanical Duvet Set NEWICON Hot House Botanical Duvet Set Pre-Order £95.00
Palm Tree Lamp NEWICON Palm Tree Lamp Pre-Order £165.00
Two Tone Drum Table NEWICON Two Tone Drum Table Pre-Order £355.00
Bellis Perennis Embroidered Blouse Bellis Perennis Embroidered Blouse In stock £37.99
Victorian Ephemera Paper Napkins NEWICON Victorian Ephemera Paper Napkins Pre-Order £9.99
English Tea Tin NEWICON English Tea Tin In stock £5.99
Poinsettia & Robins Wrap & Tags BRITAIN Poinsettia & Robins Wrap & Tags In stock £14.99
Victorian Fan Hair Clip NEWICON Victorian Fan Hair Clip In stock £24.99
Honiton Corduroy Dress NEWICON Honiton Corduroy Dress In stock £85.00
Fiorato Glass Earrings NEWICON Fiorato Glass Earrings In stock £27.99
Klein Cotton Nightdress NEWICON Klein Cotton Nightdress Pre-Order £49.99
Tiger Lily Cotton Tunic NEWICON Tiger Lily Cotton Tunic In stock £55.00
Hand-block-printed Tunic NEWICON Hand-block-printed Tunic In stock £65.00
Paisley Wool & Silk Scarf NEWICON Paisley Wool & Silk Scarf In stock £75.00
Fiorato Glass & Amethyst Necklace NEWICON Fiorato Glass & Amethyst Necklace In stock £85.00
Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant NEWICON Tourmaline & Pearl Pendant Pre-Order £85.00
Fiorato Glass Necklace & Earrings NEWICON Fiorato Glass Necklace & Earrings In stock £105.00
Damson Cable Stitch Cardigan NEWICON Damson Cable Stitch Cardigan   Last few remaining £110.00
Bloom Quilted Throw NEWICON Bloom Quilted Throw In stock £115.00
Chrysanthemum Porcelain Table Lamp NEWICON Chrysanthemum Porcelain Table Lamp In stock £140.00
Victorian Floral Trail Coat NEWICON Victorian Floral Trail Coat   Last few remaining £145.00
Mahogany Magazine Table NEWICON Mahogany Magazine Table Pre-Order £165.00
Column Pedestal Lamp Table NEWICON Column Pedestal Lamp Table Pre-Order £170.00
Botanic Quilt & Sham Set NEWICON Botanic Quilt & Sham Set In stock £180.00
Skeleton Clock Skeleton Clock In stock £39.99
Ribbonwork Glasses Case Ribbonwork Glasses Case In stock £9.99
Hedgehog Pin Cushion BRITAIN Hedgehog Pin Cushion In stock £14.99
Floral Hand Cream Trio Floral Hand Cream Trio In stock £9.99
Paisley Silk Scarf Paisley Silk Scarf Pre-Order £34.99
Pair of Language of Flowers Tea Towels Pair of Language of Flowers Tea Towels In stock £11.99
Garland Initial Handkerchiefs Garland Initial Handkerchiefs Limited availability £12.99
Flower Basket Ornament Flower Basket Ornament In stock £29.99
Queen of Hearts' Croquet ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Queen of Hearts' Croquet   Last few remaining £45.00
Forget-me-not Silver Ring Forget-me-not Silver Ring In stock £49.99
6 Embroidered Handkerchiefs 6 Embroidered Handkerchiefs Pre-Order £14.99
Tadman Pearl Earrings Tadman Pearl Earrings In stock £14.99
Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers Pre-Order £14.99
Mother-of-Pearl Blossom Earrings Mother-of-Pearl Blossom Earrings In stock £29.99
Mucha Embroidered Nightdress Mucha Embroidered Nightdress In stock £45.00
Victoriana Cotton Longline Tunic Victoriana Cotton Longline Tunic   Last few remaining £55.00
Quilted Floral Waistcoat Quilted Floral Waistcoat   Last few remaining £58.00
Botanical Reversible Jacket ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Botanical Reversible Jacket In stock £85.00
Appliqué Leather Bag Appliqué Leather Bag In stock £90.00
Wildflower Quilted Throw ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Wildflower Quilted Throw In stock £95.00
Botanical Border Silk Rug Botanical Border Silk Rug Pre-Order £125.00
Persian Runner Persian Runner Pre-Order £130.00