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Belle Époque Daisy Brooch NEWICON Belle Époque Daisy Brooch £9.99
Hedgehog Pin Cushion NEWICON Hedgehog Pin Cushion £14.99
A Jolly Christmas' Cards NEWICON A Jolly Christmas' Cards £5.50
Schnauzer Ornament NEWICON Schnauzer Ornament £9.99
Butterfly Conservatory Jigsaw NEWICON Butterfly Conservatory Jigsaw £11.99
Enamel Snuffer NEWICON Enamel Snuffer £19.99
Fleece Chintz Bed Jacket NEWICON Fleece Chintz Bed Jacket £29.99
Brushed Cotton Floral Nightdress NEWICON Brushed Cotton Floral Nightdress £37.99
My Dearest, Dearest Albert NEWICON My Dearest, Dearest Albert £12.99
Festive Fun Ephemera Jigsaw NEWICON Festive Fun Ephemera Jigsaw £13.99
Mechanical Singing Bird Cage NEWICON Mechanical Singing Bird Cage £18.99
Pair of Anemone Mugs NEWICON Pair of Anemone Mugs £22.99
Pair of Tapestry Bags NEWICON Pair of Tapestry Bags £22.99
Victorian Birds Trinket Box NEWICON Victorian Birds Trinket Box £22.99
Birds Photo Frame NEWICON Birds Photo Frame £24.99
Moccasin Suede Slippers NEWICON Moccasin Suede Slippers £24.99
Lily Bouquet Pewter Box NEWICON Lily Bouquet Pewter Box £29.99
Floral Devoré Scarf NEWICON Floral Devoré Scarf £32.99
Floral Embroidered Cotton Nightdress NEWICON Floral Embroidered Cotton Nightdress £49.99
Enamelled Bow Hair Clip NEWICON Enamelled Bow Hair Clip £24.99
Sprigs Nightdress NEWICON Sprigs Nightdress £37.99
Mucha Embroidered Nightdress NEWICON Mucha Embroidered Nightdress £45.00
Fruits PVC Tote Bag NEWICON Fruits PVC Tote Bag £19.99
Holly Chintzware Sugar Bowl NEWICON Holly Chintzware Sugar Bowl £19.99
Kingfisher Tile NEWICON Kingfisher Tile £22.99
Flower Basket Ornament NEWICON Flower Basket Ornament £29.99
Jammu Hand painted Box NEWICON Jammu Hand painted Box £34.99
Edwardian Wine Glasses NEWICON Edwardian Wine Glasses £49.99
Reversible Paisley Waistcoat NEWICON Reversible Paisley Waistcoat £55.00
Edwardian Crystal Bowl NEWICON Edwardian Crystal Bowl £65.00
Fern Crystal Vase NEWICON Fern Crystal Vase £65.00
Oriental Runner NEWICON Oriental Runner £75.00
Velvet Appliqué Jacket NEWICON Velvet Appliqué Jacket £135.00
Chinoiserie Table Lamp NEWICON Chinoiserie Table Lamp £180.00
Blue Victorian Chair NEWICON Blue Victorian Chair £220.00
Kidney Mahogany Occasional Table NEWICON Kidney Mahogany Occasional Table £310.00
Velvet Compact Armchair Velvet Compact Armchair £420.00
Floral Hand Cream Gift Pack Floral Hand Cream Gift Pack £12.99
6 Embroidered Handkerchiefs 6 Embroidered Handkerchiefs £14.99
Lily of the Valley Soaps Lily of the Valley Soaps £12.99
Personalised Wine Stopper Personalised Wine Stopper £14.99
3 Lavender Hangers 3 Lavender Hangers £14.99
English Floral Creams English Floral Creams £14.99
Victorian Birdcage Feeder Victorian Birdcage Feeder £42.99
Botanical Reversible Jacket Botanical Reversible Jacket £85.00
Rabbits' Snowy Walk Cards Rabbits' Snowy Walk Cards £5.50
Father Christmas Sleigh Cards Father Christmas Sleigh Cards £9.99
Ribbonwork Glasses Case Ribbonwork Glasses Case £9.99

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