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Desfossé Roses Reversible Jacket NEWICON Desfossé Roses Reversible Jacket In stock £88.00
Pair of Delabriere Bird Ornaments NEWICON Pair of Delabriere Bird Ornaments In stock £12.99
Snail Key Hide NEWICON Snail Key Hide In stock £15.99
Crooksbury Slate Grey 3 Seater Bench NEWICON Crooksbury Slate Grey 3 Seater Bench In stock £299.00
Climbing Cat Pot Hanger NEWICON Climbing Cat Pot Hanger In stock £8.99
Butterfly & Blossom Scarf NEWICON Butterfly & Blossom Scarf In stock £14.99
Adelaide Blouse NEWICON Adelaide Blouse   Last few remaining £70.00
Greenwich Clock NEWICON Greenwich Clock In stock £24.99
Greenhouse Diorama Kit NEWICON Greenhouse Diorama Kit In stock £39.99
Dragonfly Windchime  NEWICON Dragonfly Windchime In stock £27.99
Victorian Birdcage Feeder NEWICON Victorian Birdcage Feeder In stock £29.99
Lavender Heart Sachet NEWICON Lavender Heart Sachet In stock £9.99
Deeds Not Words Bookmark NEWICON Deeds Not Words Bookmark In stock £14.99
Entwined Blooms Enamelled Brooch NEWICON Entwined Blooms Enamelled Brooch In stock £27.99
Mouse on Cotton Reel Ornament NEWICON Mouse on Cotton Reel Ornament In stock £29.99
Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress NEWICON Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress In stock £115.00
The Case of the Wandering Scholar NEWICON The Case of the Wandering Scholar In stock £8.99
The Secrets of Wishtide NEWICON The Secrets of Wishtide In stock £9.99
Imperial Enamel & Crystal Earrings NEWICON Imperial Enamel & Crystal Earrings In stock £12.99
Imperial Enamel & Crystal Bracelet NEWICON Imperial Enamel & Crystal Bracelet In stock £29.99
Victoriana Devoré Scarf NEWICON Victoriana Devoré Scarf In stock £34.99
Chrysanthemum Scarf NEWICON Chrysanthemum Scarf In stock £49.99
Suffragette Gemstone Earrings NEWICON Suffragette Gemstone Earrings In stock £60.00
Emmeline Embroidered Tunic NEWICON Emmeline Embroidered Tunic In stock £75.00
Rattan Conservatory Table NEWICON Rattan Conservatory Table Pre-Order £115.00
Cragside Victorian Bench NEWICON Cragside Victorian Bench Pre-Order £195.00
Rattan Conservatory Chair NEWICON Rattan Conservatory Chair Pre-Order £195.00
Victorian Amethyst Necklace NEWICON Victorian Amethyst Necklace In stock £65.00
Marie Navy Leather Bag NEWICON Marie Navy Leather Bag In stock £75.00
Lightweight Linen-Rich Jacket NEWICON Lightweight Linen-Rich Jacket In stock £85.00
Parisienne Nouveau Leather Bag NEWICON Parisienne Nouveau Leather Bag In stock £85.00
Arts & Crafts Cotton Dress NEWICON Arts & Crafts Cotton Dress In stock £88.00
Victoriana Reversible Longline Jacket NEWICON Victoriana Reversible Longline Jacket In stock £95.00
Periwinkle Glass Necklace NEWICON Periwinkle Glass Necklace In stock £99.00
Hothouse Double Bedding Set NEWICON Hothouse Double Bedding Set In stock £65.00
Pewter Woodland Sewing Station BRITAIN Pewter Woodland Sewing Station In stock £39.99
Fin de Siècle Hair Clip NEWICON Fin de Siècle Hair Clip In stock £27.99
Delphia Cotton Robe NEWICON Delphia Cotton Robe Pre-Order £45.00
Gothic Revival Pendant NEWICON Gothic Revival Pendant In stock £14.99
Nightingale Owl Paperweight BRITAIN Nightingale Owl Paperweight Pre-Order £180.00
Canterbury Bells Enamelled Brooch NEWICON Canterbury Bells Enamelled Brooch In stock £17.99
Illingworth Scarf NEWICON Illingworth Scarf In stock £22.99
Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase NEWICON Sweet Peas in Hurricane Vase In stock £49.99
Butterfly Scarf Clip NEWICON Butterfly Scarf Clip In stock £19.99
Paisley Reversible Jacket NEWICON Paisley Reversible Jacket In stock £88.00
Agapanthus Long Reversible Waistcoat NEWICON Agapanthus Long Reversible Waistcoat In stock £95.00
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poems NEWICON Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poems   Last few remaining £9.99
Belle Époque Spinel Pendant NEWICON Belle Époque Spinel Pendant In stock £39.99