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Artificial Weeping Fig NEWICON Artificial Weeping Fig In stock £85.00
Queen of Hearts' Croquet NEWICON Queen of Hearts' Croquet In stock £45.00
Gothic Garden Mirror NEWICON Gothic Garden Mirror In stock £125.00
Loudon Sugar Bowl and Creamer NEWICON Loudon Sugar Bowl and Creamer Pre-Order £27.99
Occasional Pedestal Table NEWICON Occasional Pedestal Table In stock £85.00
Biddulph Spruce Planter NEWICON Biddulph Spruce Planter In stock £120.00
Victorian Rocking Bench NEWICON Victorian Rocking Bench In stock £200.00
Country Pine 5 Drawer Tallboy NEWICON Country Pine 5 Drawer Tallboy In stock £275.00
4 Birthday Sixpence Cards NEWICON 4 Birthday Sixpence Cards In stock £5.99
Corner Bird Feeder NEWICON Corner Bird Feeder In stock £19.99
Set of Floral Stitched Bookmark Kits NEWICON Set of Floral Stitched Bookmark Kits In stock £16.99
Victorian Bow Brooch NEWICON Victorian Bow Brooch In stock £14.99
Honeysuckle Stitched Bookmark Kit NEWICON Honeysuckle Stitched Bookmark Kit In stock £8.99
Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit NEWICON Delphiniums Stitched Bookmark Kit In stock £8.99
Victorian Nightdress NEWICON Victorian Nightdress In stock £49.99
Victoriana Cotton Longline Tunic NEWICON Victoriana Cotton Longline Tunic In stock £55.00
Rose Linen Tablecloth NEWICON Rose Linen Tablecloth In stock £70.00
Ida Floral Hat NEWICON Ida Floral Hat In stock £42.99
Wildflower Quilted Throw NEWICON Wildflower Quilted Throw In stock £95.00
Quizzing Magnifier Pendant NEWICON Quizzing Magnifier Pendant In stock £22.99
Morning Glory Silk Scarf NEWICON Morning Glory Silk Scarf In stock £55.00
Floral Silk Scarf NEWICON Floral Silk Scarf In stock £55.00
Cast Iron Umbrella Stand NEWICON Cast Iron Umbrella Stand   Last few remaining £115.00
Paisley Silk Scarf NEWICON Paisley Silk Scarf Pre-Order £34.99
Forget-me-not Silver Ring NEWICON Forget-me-not Silver Ring In stock £45.00
Victorian Meadow Tablecloth NEWICON Victorian Meadow Tablecloth In stock £39.99
English Rose Arrangement NEWICON English Rose Arrangement In stock £45.00
Barn Owl Paperweight NEWICON Barn Owl Paperweight Pre-Order £190.00
Suffragette Silver Earrings NEWICON Suffragette Silver Earrings   Last few remaining £55.00
Peony Table Lamp NEWICON Peony Table Lamp In stock £135.00
Cotton Chintz Pyjamas NEWICON Cotton Chintz Pyjamas Limited availability £65.00
Suffragette Silver Pendant NEWICON Suffragette Silver Pendant In stock £68.00
Suffragette Silver Set NEWICON Suffragette Silver Set   Last few remaining £115.00
Botanical Border Silk Rug NEWICON Botanical Border Silk Rug   Last few remaining £120.00
Rhododendron Table Lamp NEWICON Rhododendron Table Lamp Pre-Order £120.00
Persian Runner NEWICON Persian Runner   Last few remaining £125.00
Montélimar Floral Double Quilt NEWICON Montélimar Floral Double Quilt In stock £175.00
Mahogany Drop-Leaf Table NEWICON Mahogany Drop-Leaf Table In stock £230.00
Velvet Storage Ottoman NEWICON Velvet Storage Ottoman In stock £240.00
Latimer Occasional Table NEWICON Latimer Occasional Table In stock £255.00
Garland Initial Handkerchiefs Garland Initial Handkerchiefs Limited availability £12.99
Wisteria Door Mat Wisteria Door Mat In stock £14.99
Ribbonwork Glasses Case Ribbonwork Glasses Case In stock £9.99
Schnauzer Ornament Schnauzer Ornament In stock £9.99
Colby Floral Bench Cushion Colby Floral Bench Cushion Pre-Order £29.99
18 Die-cut Victorian Ephemera Cards 18 Die-cut Victorian Ephemera Cards In stock £12.99
Floral Magnifier Pendant Floral Magnifier Pendant In stock £17.99
Pair of Language of Flowers Tea Towels Pair of Language of Flowers Tea Towels Pre-Order £11.99