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Travel Hand Cream Collection NEWICON Travel Hand Cream Collection £6.99
Little Book of the Language of Flowers NEWICON Little Book of the Language of Flowers £10.95
18 Die-Cut Victorian Ephemera Cards NEWICON 18 Die-Cut Victorian Ephemera Cards £12.99
Cottage Garden Creams Tin NEWICON Cottage Garden Creams Tin £12.99
Summer Bouquet Trinket Box NEWICON Summer Bouquet Trinket Box £12.99
Tea & Biscuits Bluebird Tin NEWICON Tea & Biscuits Bluebird Tin £12.99
Wisteria Door Mat NEWICON Wisteria Door Mat £12.99
Rabbit Bird Feeder NEWICON Rabbit Bird Feeder £14.99
Victorian Cameo Earrings NEWICON Victorian Cameo Earrings £22.99
Wordsworth Bird Bath NEWICON Wordsworth Bird Bath £24.99
Colby Floral Bench Cushion NEWICON Colby Floral Bench Cushion £27.99
Fiorato Glass & Jade Earrings NEWICON Fiorato Glass & Jade Earrings £27.99
Brownsea Snail Brass Paperweight NEWICON Brownsea Snail Brass Paperweight £29.99
Floral Embroidered Shirt NEWICON Floral Embroidered Shirt £34.99
Victorian Cameo Pendant NEWICON Victorian Cameo Pendant £37.99
Victorian Lace Cover-up NEWICON Victorian Lace Cover-up £37.99
Minton Table NEWICON Minton Table £39.99
Greenhouse Diorama Kit NEWICON Greenhouse Diorama Kit £45.00
Illingworth Silk Shawl NEWICON Illingworth Silk Shawl £49.99
Quilted Floral Waistcoat NEWICON Quilted Floral Waistcoat £55.00
Victorian Cameo Pendant & Earrings NEWICON Victorian Cameo Pendant & Earrings £55.00
Cotton Chintz Pyjamas NEWICON Cotton Chintz Pyjamas £58.00
Fecamp Agate Necklace NEWICON Fecamp Agate Necklace £60.00
Klein Rose Tunic NEWICON Klein Rose Tunic £60.00
Triple Plant Stand NEWICON Triple Plant Stand £80.00
Triple-Tier Plant Stand NEWICON Triple-Tier Plant Stand £80.00
Appliqué Leather Bag NEWICON Appliqué Leather Bag £90.00
Fiorato Glass & Jade Necklace NEWICON Fiorato Glass & Jade Necklace £95.00
Natural Crooksbury Table NEWICON Natural Crooksbury Table £99.99
White Crooksbury Table NEWICON White Crooksbury Table £99.99
Fiorato Glass Necklace & Earrings NEWICON Fiorato Glass Necklace & Earrings £115.00
Sleeping Pixie NEWICON Sleeping Pixie £115.00
Colby Bench NEWICON Colby Bench £120.00
Colby Bench & Floral Cushion NEWICON Colby Bench & Floral Cushion £140.00
Fairy Statue NEWICON Fairy Statue £145.00
Natural Crooksbury Bench NEWICON Natural Crooksbury Bench £180.00
Open Mahogany Bookcase NEWICON Open Mahogany Bookcase £225.00
20 Tea Cup Posy Cards 20 Tea Cup Posy Cards £8.99
Chocolate Pudding Cups Ballotin Chocolate Pudding Cups Ballotin £12.99
Posy Enamelled Frame Posy Enamelled Frame £22.99
Fuchsia Posy Vase Fuchsia Posy Vase £39.99
Leighton Rug Leighton Rug £90.00
Damask Throw Damask Throw £135.00
Passion Flower Table Lamp Passion Flower Table Lamp £175.00
Imari Swallow Imari Swallow £295.00
Garland Initial Handkerchiefs Garland Initial Handkerchiefs £12.99
Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers Trio of Lily of the Valley Hangers £14.99
Flora Vase Flora Vase £27.99

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