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Snowdrop Charm NEWICON Snowdrop Charm In stock £6.99
Lily Candle NEWICON Lily Candle In stock £9.99
Trio of Embroidered Cotton Masks NEWICON Trio of Embroidered Cotton Masks In stock £14.99
Forget-me-not Charm NEWICON Forget-me-not Charm In stock £6.99
Pansy Charm NEWICON Pansy Charm In stock £6.99
Butterfly Light Pull NEWICON Butterfly Light Pull In stock £9.99
Charm Bracelet NEWICON Charm Bracelet In stock £9.99
Glass Candle Holder NEWICON Glass Candle Holder Pre-Order £14.99
Around the World in 80 Plants NEWICON Around the World in 80 Plants In stock £20.00
Papillon Trinket Box NEWICON Papillon Trinket Box In stock £24.99
Ophelia Glasses Keeper NEWICON Ophelia Glasses Keeper In stock £29.99
Persian Tapestry Cushion Cream NEWICON Persian Tapestry Cushion Cream In stock £55.00
Persian Tapestry Cushion Red NEWICON Persian Tapestry Cushion Red In stock £55.00
Tiger Tapestry Cushion NEWICON Tiger Tapestry Cushion In stock £55.00
Amethyst & Silver Ring NEWICON Amethyst & Silver Ring In stock £65.00
Rosati Carpet NEWICON Rosati Carpet In stock £70.00
Rubberwood Side Table NEWICON Rubberwood Side Table In stock £70.00
Victorian Floral Bedding Set NEWICON Victorian Floral Bedding Set In stock £70.00
Rhododendron Quilted Throw NEWICON Rhododendron Quilted Throw In stock £110.00
Atlas White Occasional Table NEWICON Atlas White Occasional Table In stock £170.00
Smeaton Cotton Throw NEWICON Smeaton Cotton Throw In stock £175.00
Navy Damask Table Lamp NEWICON Navy Damask Table Lamp In stock £199.00
Climbing Cat Pot Hanger Climbing Cat Pot Hanger In stock £8.99
Colby Floral Bench Cushion Colby Floral Bench Cushion In stock £27.99