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Climbing Cat Pot Hanger NEWICON Climbing Cat Pot Hanger In stock £8.99
Fern Wall Planter NEWICON Fern Wall Planter In stock £24.99
Mouse Rain Gauge NEWICON Mouse Rain Gauge In stock £17.99
Greenwich Clock NEWICON Greenwich Clock In stock £24.99
Dragonfly Windchime  NEWICON Dragonfly Windchime In stock £27.99
Victorian Birdcage Feeder NEWICON Victorian Birdcage Feeder In stock £29.99
Hummingbird Ceramic Stool NEWICON Hummingbird Ceramic Stool Pre-Order £125.00
Detmold Bird Bath or Feeder NEWICON Detmold Bird Bath or Feeder In stock £19.99
Dubucand Hare NEWICON Dubucand Hare In stock £24.99
Squirrel Hanging Bracket NEWICON Squirrel Hanging Bracket Pre-Order £22.99
Pedestal Bird Bath NEWICON Pedestal Bird Bath In stock £47.99
Edwardian Birdcage Planters NEWICON Edwardian Birdcage Planters In stock £75.00
Pair of Pautrot Bird Ornaments NEWICON Pair of Pautrot Bird Ornaments In stock £9.99
Squirrel with Nut Ornament NEWICON Squirrel with Nut Ornament In stock £17.99
Victorian Bloom Bird Bath or Feeder NEWICON Victorian Bloom Bird Bath or Feeder In stock £19.99
Eliot Cat in Windowpane Wall Art NEWICON Eliot Cat in Windowpane Wall Art In stock £45.00
Rose Bouquet 3-Seater Bench NEWICON Rose Bouquet 3-Seater Bench In stock £180.00
Rowallane Bench NEWICON Rowallane Bench Pre-Order £190.00
Cragside Victorian Bench NEWICON Cragside Victorian Bench Pre-Order £195.00
Rattan Conservatory Chair NEWICON Rattan Conservatory Chair Pre-Order £195.00
Faithful Hound Sculpture NEWICON Faithful Hound Sculpture In stock £34.99
Sparrows Wall Art NEWICON Sparrows Wall Art In stock £85.00
Elephant Planter NEWICON Elephant Planter In stock £175.00
Handmade Metal Bluebell NEWICON Handmade Metal Bluebell In stock £14.99
Wisteria Door Mat Wisteria Door Mat In stock £14.99
Colby Floral Bench Cushion Colby Floral Bench Cushion Pre-Order £27.99
Skeleton Clock Skeleton Clock In stock £39.99
Reading Girl Statue Reading Girl Statue In stock £65.00
Reading Bunny Ornament Reading Bunny Ornament In stock £29.99
Pair of Victorian Obelisks Pair of Victorian Obelisks Pre-Order £130.00
Decorative Folding Trellis Decorative Folding Trellis Pre-Order £65.00
Triple Plant Stand Triple Plant Stand In stock £90.00
Semi-circle Gothic Bistro Table Semi-circle Gothic Bistro Table Pre-Order £99.00
Rattan Conservatory Table NEWICON Rattan Conservatory Table Pre-Order £115.00
Queen of Hearts' Croquet Queen of Hearts' Croquet In stock £45.00
Victorian Lion Sculpture Victorian Lion Sculpture In stock £80.00
Gothic Garden Mirror Gothic Garden Mirror In stock £125.00
Pair of Gothic Folding Chairs Pair of Gothic Folding Chairs Pre-Order £199.00
Pedestal Bird Bath Pedestal Bird Bath   Sold out £95.00
Corner Bird Feeder Corner Bird Feeder   Sold out £19.99