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Golden Lily Guest Towel NEWICON Golden Lily Guest Towel In stock £8.99
Set of Golden Lily Towels NEWICON Set of Golden Lily Towels Pre-Order £21.99
Golden Lily Hand Towel NEWICON Golden Lily Hand Towel Pre-Order £14.99
Trio of Springtime Soap Tins NEWICON Trio of Springtime Soap Tins In stock £13.99
3 Kew Soaps NEWICON 3 Kew Soaps In stock £19.99
Pair of Florentine Soaps NEWICON Pair of Florentine Soaps In stock £9.99
3 Vintage Cat Tin Soaps NEWICON 3 Vintage Cat Tin Soaps In stock £19.99
Narcissus Lime Kew Soap NEWICON Narcissus Lime Kew Soap In stock £6.99
Bronnley Rose Gift Set NEWICON Bronnley Rose Gift Set In stock £17.99
Jasmine & Peach Kew Soap NEWICON Jasmine & Peach Kew Soap In stock £6.99
Osmanthus Rose Kew Soap NEWICON Osmanthus Rose Kew Soap In stock £6.99
Meadow Flowers Atomiser NEWICON Meadow Flowers Atomiser In stock £60.00
Garland Initial Handkerchiefs Garland Initial Handkerchiefs Limited availability £12.99
Bluebell & Jasmine Kew Soap ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bluebell & Jasmine Kew Soap Pre-Order £6.99
Summer Rose Kew Soap ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Summer Rose Kew Soap Pre-Order £6.99
Floral Hand Cream Trio Floral Hand Cream Trio In stock £12.99
Lily of the Valley Soaps ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Lily of the Valley Soaps Pre-Order £12.99
Magnolia & Pear Kew Soap ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Magnolia & Pear Kew Soap In stock £6.99
Trio of Potpourri Cones Trio of Potpourri Cones In stock £17.99
Lotus Deco Soap ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Lotus Deco Soap   Last few remaining £6.99
Pudding Soap Bauble Tin ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Pudding Soap Bauble Tin In stock £7.99
Embroidered Lavender Pillow ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Embroidered Lavender Pillow In stock £9.99
Mini Initial Lavender Pillow ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Mini Initial Lavender Pillow In stock £9.99
Floral Body Lotion ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Floral Body Lotion In stock £11.99