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Water Lilies & the Garden of Giverny Offers Water Lilies & the Garden of Giverny   Out of stock £25.00 £12.50
Lily Bouquet Pewter Box Offers Lily Bouquet Pewter Box   Out of stock £29.99 £14.99
Pair of Delft Plates Offers Pair of Delft Plates   Out of stock £29.99 £14.99
Bicycle Plant Stand Offers Bicycle Plant Stand   Out of stock £39.99 £19.99
Woodland Cream Cushion BRITAIN Woodland Cream Cushion   Out of stock £39.99 £19.99
Pewter Pricket Candlestick BRITAIN Pewter Pricket Candlestick   Out of stock £90.00 £44.99
Roses Bower Throw Offers Roses Bower Throw   Out of stock £120.00 £70.00
Floral Trail Art Nouveau Throw Offers Floral Trail Art Nouveau Throw   Out of stock £125.00 £75.00
Greenery Tapestry BRITAIN Greenery Tapestry   Out of stock £135.00 £79.99
Lindisfarne Knot Jacquard Throw BRITAIN Lindisfarne Knot Jacquard Throw   Out of stock £140.00 £80.00
De Morgan Rabbits Offers De Morgan Rabbits   Out of stock £199.00 £99.00
Fudge-filled Flying Scotsman Train Tin Offers Fudge-filled Flying Scotsman Train Tin   Out of stock £8.99 £2.99
Tree and Bird Ring Holder Offers Tree and Bird Ring Holder   Out of stock £14.99 £6.99
Rabbit Pewter Pin Cushion Offers Rabbit Pewter Pin Cushion   Out of stock £14.99 £8.99
Hedgehog Trinket Box Offers Hedgehog Trinket Box   Out of stock £34.99 £17.99
Woodland Blue Cushion BRITAIN Woodland Blue Cushion   Out of stock £39.99 £19.99
Chaucer Hare BRITAIN Chaucer Hare   Out of stock £47.99 £22.99
Fuchsia Posy Vase Offers Fuchsia Posy Vase   Out of stock £39.99 £24.99
Giverny Glass Bowl Offers Giverny Glass Bowl   Out of stock £60.00 £39.99
Garden Nuthatch ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Garden Nuthatch   Out of stock £130.00 £70.00
Roses Quilt & Sham Set Offers Roses Quilt & Sham Set   Out of stock £175.00 £85.00
Harvest Mouse Bronze Offers Harvest Mouse Bronze   Out of stock £150.00 £90.00
Royal Antoinette Butterfly Paperweight Offers Royal Antoinette Butterfly Paperweight   Out of stock £180.00 £110.00
Florentine Rug Offers Florentine Rug   Out of stock £240.00 £140.00
Mahogany Drop-Leaf Table Offers Mahogany Drop-Leaf Table   Out of stock £230.00 £150.00
Latimer Occasional Table Offers Latimer Occasional Table   Out of stock £255.00 £175.00
Follot 6-Drawer Chest Offers Follot 6-Drawer Chest   Out of stock £410.00 £310.00
Botanic Garden Gift Set HPOICON Botanic Garden Gift Set   Out of stock £29.00 £14.50
Sunflower Salad Bowl SPECIALICON Sunflower Salad Bowl   Out of stock £59.00 £34.00
Blue Italian Tea Caddy SPECIALICON Blue Italian Tea Caddy   Out of stock £35.50 £25.50
Botanic Garden Lasagne Dish SPECIALICON Botanic Garden Lasagne Dish   Out of stock £74.50 £44.50