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Gem Stone Leopard NEWICON Gem Stone Leopard £19.99
Boar Netsuke NEWICON Boar Netsuke £23.99
Elephant Netsuke NEWICON Elephant Netsuke £23.99
Horse Netsuke NEWICON Horse Netsuke £23.99
Athena's Owl NEWICON Athena's Owl £29.99
Aphrodite Mask NEWICON Aphrodite Mask £39.99
Toad on Mushroom Bronze NEWICON Toad on Mushroom Bronze £45.00
Bronze Olive Branch NEWICON Bronze Olive Branch £49.99
Morley Greyhounds NEWICON Morley Greyhounds £60.00
Angel Sparkle Gold Angel Sparkle Gold £72.00
Winter Owlet Paperweight NEWICON Winter Owlet Paperweight £75.00
Royal Crown Derby Robin Royal Crown Derby Robin £95.00
Springtime Bunny Paperweight Springtime Bunny Paperweight £95.00
Whippet Bronze NEWICON Whippet Bronze £99.00
Royal Crown Derby Jenny Wren Royal Crown Derby Jenny Wren £105.00
Periwinkle Owl Periwinkle Owl £130.00
Autumn Squirrel Paperweight NEWICON Autumn Squirrel Paperweight £135.00
Christmas Hedgehog Paperweight NEWICON Christmas Hedgehog Paperweight £140.00
Winter Owl Paperweight NEWICON Winter Owl Paperweight £140.00
Strawberry Thief Thrush Strawberry Thief Thrush £145.00
Bronze Turtle NEWICON Bronze Turtle £150.00
Royal Crown Derby Owl Royal Crown Derby Owl £160.00
Manor Peacock Paperweight Manor Peacock Paperweight £260.00
Standing Rabbit Netsuke SALEPROMOICON Standing Rabbit Netsuke £23.99 £11.99
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Taking inspiration from country house interiors and gardens, museum collections and our great cathedrals, our aim is to bring together distinctive and unusual home accessories, jewellery, clothing and gifts celebrating over a thousand years of history, art and design.