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Retriever NEWICON Retriever £55.00
Hare Bronze NEWICON Hare Bronze £99.00
Sitting Hare Sitting Hare £12.99
Hand-carved Mushrooms Hand-carved Mushrooms £14.99
Wooden Blue Tit Ornament Wooden Blue Tit Ornament £17.99
Sitting & Gazing Hare Sitting & Gazing Hare £19.99
Rabbit Netsuke Rabbit Netsuke £23.99
Toad Netsuke Toad Netsuke £23.99
Turtle & Frog Netsuke Turtle & Frog Netsuke £23.99
Mouse on Mushroom Bronze Mouse on Mushroom Bronze £24.99
Hand-carved Selenite Birds Hand-carved Selenite Birds £29.99
Giambologna Horse Giambologna Horse £32.99
Bronze Athena Bronze Athena £37.99
Marcel Owl Ornament Marcel Owl Ornament £39.99
Chaucer Hare Chaucer Hare £47.99
Greek Horse Sculpture Greek Horse Sculpture £55.00
Spaniel Bronze Spaniel Bronze £99.00
Garden Nuthatch Garden Nuthatch £110.00
Imari Swallow Imari Swallow £295.00
Gazing Hare Gazing Hare £9.99
Hand-carved Hummingbird Hand-carved Hummingbird £14.99
The Striker The Striker £14.99
Ceramic Coral - blue Ceramic Coral - blue £17.99
Ceramic Coral - pink Ceramic Coral - pink £17.99

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