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4 Massier Birds NEWICON 4 Massier Birds In stock £17.99
Mille Fleurs Cast Iron Rabbit NEWICON Mille Fleurs Cast Iron Rabbit In stock £24.99
Mouse on Cotton Reel Ornament BRITAIN Mouse on Cotton Reel Ornament In stock £29.99
Family of Four Sculpture NEWICON Family of Four Sculpture Pre-Order £60.00
Crane on a Tortoise Sculpture NEWICON Crane on a Tortoise Sculpture In stock £70.00
Felt Easter Chick Decoration NEWICON Felt Easter Chick Decoration In stock £6.99
Set of 2 Painted Floral Easter Eggs NEWICON Set of 2 Painted Floral Easter Eggs In stock £9.99
Mouse with Egg Cup Ornament NEWICON Mouse with Egg Cup Ornament In stock £34.99
Mouse with Daisy Ornament NEWICON Mouse with Daisy Ornament In stock £32.99
Hen With Planter NEWICON Hen With Planter Pre-Order £16.99
Carved Obsidian Panda NEWICON Carved Obsidian Panda In stock £22.99
Folk Hugging Ducks NEWICON Folk Hugging Ducks In stock £24.99
Hand-Carved Owl Netsuke NEWICON Hand-Carved Owl Netsuke In stock £24.99
Hand-carved Ducks NEWICON Hand-carved Ducks In stock £24.99
Hand-Carved Turtle Netsuke NEWICON Hand-Carved Turtle Netsuke In stock £24.99
Hedgehog on an Apple Ornament BRITAIN Hedgehog on an Apple Ornament In stock £24.99
Hand-Carved Chick Netsuke NEWICON Hand-Carved Chick Netsuke In stock £24.99
Wooden Woodpecker NEWICON Wooden Woodpecker In stock £27.99
Leaping Hares Bronze Miniature NEWICON Leaping Hares Bronze Miniature   Last few remaining £95.00
Carved Unakite Fishing Bear NEWICON Carved Unakite Fishing Bear In stock £22.99
Both Gemstone Bears NEWICON Both Gemstone Bears In stock £43.50
Pair of Elephant Shelf-Sitters Pair of Elephant Shelf-Sitters In stock £19.99
Hand-Carved Pekinese Dog Netsuke Hand-Carved Pekinese Dog Netsuke In stock £24.99
Charm of Finches Ornament Charm of Finches Ornament Pre-Order £45.00
Oriental Cranes Sculpture Oriental Cranes Sculpture In stock £60.00
Hand-Carved Fish Netsuke Hand-Carved Fish Netsuke   Last few remaining £23.99
Bella Bristle Bunny Decoration Bella Bristle Bunny Decoration Pre-Order £27.99
Sheltering Monkey Netsuke Sheltering Monkey Netsuke In stock £24.99
Beswick Hare Ornament Beswick Hare Ornament In stock £34.99
Ox Netsuke Ox Netsuke In stock £24.99
Reading Bunny Ornament Reading Bunny Ornament In stock £29.99
Moon Display Stand Moon Display Stand In stock £55.00
Degas Dancer Sculpture Degas Dancer Sculpture In stock £65.00
Athenian Owl Statue ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Athenian Owl Statue   Last few remaining £37.99
Man Walking Dog Sculpture Man Walking Dog Sculpture In stock £19.99
Glass Duck Ornament ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Glass Duck Ornament In stock £27.99
Art Deco Owl Art Deco Owl In stock £95.00
Diving Otters Sculpture BRITAIN Diving Otters Sculpture In stock £125.00
Bronze Long Tail Tit BRITAIN Bronze Long Tail Tit In stock £150.00
6 Willow Nest Easter Picks NEWICON 6 Willow Nest Easter Picks   Sold out £12.99
Crouching Cat Bronze BRITAIN Crouching Cat Bronze   Sold out £22.99
Springtime Rabbit Springtime Rabbit   Sold out £115.00