Oriental Art

Home accessories and gifts reflecting Oriental art. Chinese art may be the oldest continuous tradition in the world, decorative arts being extremely important; from jade carving to metal wares, embroidered textiles to ceramics. The ukiyo-e genre of art flourished in Japan from the 17th to the 19th centuries, artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige produced woodblock prints and paintings of landscapes, flora and fauna and scenes of everyday life.
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Peony Jewellery Pouch Peony Jewellery Pouch £17.99
Boar Netsuke Boar Netsuke £23.99
Elephant Netsuke Elephant Netsuke £23.99
Horse Netsuke Horse Netsuke £23.99
Amethyst Bonsai Tree Amethyst Bonsai Tree £27.99
Oriental Butterfly Velvet Cushion Oriental Butterfly Velvet Cushion £60.00
Jade Teardrop Earrings Jade Teardrop Earrings £65.00
Oriental Bird Umbrella Stand Oriental Bird Umbrella Stand £80.00
The Sixty-Nine Stations Along The Kisokaido The Sixty-Nine Stations Along The Kisokaido £100.00
White Egrets On Willow Cards NEWICON White Egrets On Willow Cards £5.50
Falling Snow Wildlife Cards NEWICON Falling Snow Wildlife Cards £7.99
Triplefold Snow Scene Cards NEWICON Triplefold Snow Scene Cards £7.99
30 Japanese Painted Panel Cards 30 Japanese Painted Panel Cards £10.99
Bonsai Rose Quartz Tree SALEPROMOICON Bonsai Rose Quartz Tree £24.99 £11.99
Frog Netsuke SALEPROMOICON Frog Netsuke £23.99 £11.99
Mouse Netsuke SALEPROMOICON Mouse Netsuke £23.99 £11.99
Octopus Netsuke SALEPROMOICON Octopus Netsuke £23.99 £11.99
Happiness Plaque Happiness Plaque £14.99
Dragon Ball Netsuke Dragon Ball Netsuke £23.99
Monkey & Fish Netsuke Monkey & Fish Netsuke £23.99
Carved Jade Earrings SALEPROMOICON Carved Jade Earrings £60.00 £29.99
4 Terracotta Warriors 4 Terracotta Warriors £32.99
Moon Display Stand Moon Display Stand £49.99
Japanese Floral Scarf NEWICON Japanese Floral Scarf £60.00

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