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Adele Glass Earrings NEWICON Adele Glass Earrings £34.99
Adele Glass Necklace NEWICON Adele Glass Necklace £70.00
Adele Glass Necklace & Earrings NEWICON Adele Glass Necklace & Earrings £99.00
Glasgow School Scarf Clip NEWICON Glasgow School Scarf Clip £8.50
Spring Rabbit Brooch NEWICON Spring Rabbit Brooch £9.99
Book of Hours Clip-on Earrings NEWICON Book of Hours Clip-on Earrings £12.99
Parisienne Enamel Brooch NEWICON Parisienne Enamel Brooch £12.99
Qing Butterfly Brooch NEWICON Qing Butterfly Brooch £12.99
Crystal-set Orchid Brooch NEWICON Crystal-set Orchid Brooch £14.99
Floral Magnifier Pendant NEWICON Floral Magnifier Pendant £17.99
Quercia Peacock Brooch NEWICON Quercia Peacock Brooch £17.99
Romanov Garnet & Pearl Earrings NEWICON Romanov Garnet & Pearl Earrings £17.99
Victorian Bluebell Pendant NEWICON Victorian Bluebell Pendant £17.99
Parisienne Enamel Earrings NEWICON Parisienne Enamel Earrings £19.99
Victorian Bluebell Brooch NEWICON Victorian Bluebell Brooch £19.99
Viking Amber Earrings NEWICON Viking Amber Earrings £22.99
Florentine Portrait Necklace NEWICON Florentine Portrait Necklace £24.99
Jade & Cloisonne Earrings NEWICON Jade & Cloisonne Earrings £24.99
Lily of the Valley Brooch NEWICON Lily of the Valley Brooch £24.99
Knox Enamelled Brooch NEWICON Knox Enamelled Brooch £27.99
Golden Age Garnet Earrings NEWICON Golden Age Garnet Earrings £29.99
Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Earrings NEWICON Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Earrings £29.99
Emilie Gemstone Pendant NEWICON Emilie Gemstone Pendant £34.99
Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Ring NEWICON Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Ring £34.99

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