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Alexandrova Earrings NEWICON Alexandrova Earrings £12.99
Alexandrova Pendant NEWICON Alexandrova Pendant £12.99
Gothic Revival Brooch NEWICON Gothic Revival Brooch £12.99
Gothic Revival Clip-on Earrings NEWICON Gothic Revival Clip-on Earrings £12.99
Neoclassical Clip-on Earrings NEWICON Neoclassical Clip-on Earrings £12.99
Redoute Carnation Brooch NEWICON Redoute Carnation Brooch £14.99
Copper Oak Leaf Brooch NEWICON Copper Oak Leaf Brooch £17.99
Limoges Earrings NEWICON Limoges Earrings £17.99
Renaissance Cross Pendant NEWICON Renaissance Cross Pendant £17.99
Porcelain Bloom Earrings NEWICON Porcelain Bloom Earrings £19.99
Porcelain Carnation Brooch NEWICON Porcelain Carnation Brooch £19.99
Porcelain Rose Earrings NEWICON Porcelain Rose Earrings £19.99
Porcelain Bloom Pendant NEWICON Porcelain Bloom Pendant £22.99
Gothic Revival Brooch & Earrings NEWICON Gothic Revival Brooch & Earrings £24.50
Alexandrova Pendant & Earrings NEWICON Alexandrova Pendant & Earrings £24.99
Amber Drop Earrings NEWICON Amber Drop Earrings £27.99
Forget-me-not Bangle NEWICON Forget-me-not Bangle £27.99
Trio of Pearl Clip-on Earrings NEWICON Trio of Pearl Clip-on Earrings £27.99
Lady Mary Lapis & Pearl Earrings NEWICON Lady Mary Lapis & Pearl Earrings £29.99
Adele Earrings NEWICON Adele Earrings £34.99
Art Nouveau Iris Brooch NEWICON Art Nouveau Iris Brooch £34.99
Constantine Gemstone Ring NEWICON Constantine Gemstone Ring £39.99
Hill House Amethyst Earrings NEWICON Hill House Amethyst Earrings £39.99
Silver Oak Leaf & Tigers Eye Pendant NEWICON Silver Oak Leaf & Tigers Eye Pendant £39.99
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Taking inspiration from country house interiors and gardens, museum collections and our great cathedrals, our aim is to bring together distinctive and unusual home accessories, jewellery, clothing and gifts celebrating over a thousand years of history, art and design.