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Bonheur Serving Centrepiece NEWICON Bonheur Serving Centrepiece £60.00
Floral Cotton Rug NEWICON Floral Cotton Rug £60.00
Moreau Bird Bookends NEWICON Moreau Bird Bookends £60.00
Stag Decanter NEWICON Stag Decanter £60.00
Pewter Knotwork Quaich NEWICON Pewter Knotwork Quaich £65.00
Spring Blooms Vase NEWICON Spring Blooms Vase £65.00
Duo Deco Table Lamp NEWICON Duo Deco Table Lamp £80.00
Morgan Hare Runner NEWICON Morgan Hare Runner £85.00
Leighton Rug NEWICON Leighton Rug £90.00
Rose Stained Glass Table Lamp NEWICON Rose Stained Glass Table Lamp £90.00
Spaniel Bronze NEWICON Spaniel Bronze £99.00
Garden Nuthatch NEWICON Garden Nuthatch £110.00
Benvolio Pair of Curtains NEWICON Benvolio Pair of Curtains £165.00
Damask Throw NEWICON Damask Throw £135.00
Greenery Tapestry NEWICON Greenery Tapestry £135.00
Parrot Table Lamp NEWICON Parrot Table Lamp £135.00
Ettington Carved Magazine Rack NEWICON Ettington Carved Magazine Rack £150.00
Ettington Occasional Table NEWICON Ettington Occasional Table £150.00
Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand NEWICON Barley Twist Mahogany Plantstand £170.00
Passion Flower Table Lamp NEWICON Passion Flower Table Lamp £175.00
Roses Quilt & Sham Set NEWICON Roses Quilt & Sham Set £175.00
Ruby Eastern Rug NEWICON Ruby Eastern Rug £180.00
Bentley Ceramic Table Lamp NEWICON Bentley Ceramic Table Lamp £199.00
Red Oriental Rug NEWICON Red Oriental Rug £199.00
Teak Canterbury Magazine Rack NEWICON Teak Canterbury Magazine Rack £199.00
Ettington Single Drawer Bookcase NEWICON Ettington Single Drawer Bookcase £225.00
Farmhouse Shoe Storage Bench NEWICON Farmhouse Shoe Storage Bench £225.00
McCulloch Throw NEWICON McCulloch Throw £225.00
Oriental Bird Table Lamp NEWICON Oriental Bird Table Lamp £225.00
Regency Mahogany Side Table NEWICON Regency Mahogany Side Table £225.00
Renaissance Table Lamp NEWICON Renaissance Table Lamp £225.00
Abbey Teak Table NEWICON Abbey Teak Table £230.00
Argyle Teak Chair NEWICON Argyle Teak Chair £250.00
Imari Swallow NEWICON Imari Swallow £295.00
Follot 6-Drawer Chest NEWICON Follot 6-Drawer Chest £350.00
Rodmarton Storage Seat NEWICON Rodmarton Storage Seat £490.00

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