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Floral Embroidered Corduroy Jacket NEWICON Floral Embroidered Corduroy Jacket In stock £70.00
Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress NEWICON Panelled Arts & Crafts Dress In stock £115.00
Victorian Peonies Dress NEWICON Victorian Peonies Dress In stock £85.00
Edo Satin Jacquard Jacket NEWICON Edo Satin Jacquard Jacket In stock £70.00
Lightweight Linen-Rich Jacket NEWICON Lightweight Linen-Rich Jacket In stock £85.00
Arts & Crafts Cotton Dress NEWICON Arts & Crafts Cotton Dress In stock £88.00
Desfossé Roses Reversible Jacket NEWICON Desfossé Roses Reversible Jacket In stock £88.00
Reversible Floral Cotton Jacket NEWICON Reversible Floral Cotton Jacket In stock £88.00
Victoriana Reversible Longline Jacket NEWICON Victoriana Reversible Longline Jacket In stock £95.00
Magnolia Robe NEWICON Magnolia Robe In stock £45.00
Crochet & Embroidered Tunic NEWICON Crochet & Embroidered Tunic In stock £42.99
Adelaide Blouse NEWICON Adelaide Blouse Pre-Order £70.00
Dunois Cotton Tunic NEWICON Dunois Cotton Tunic In stock £37.99
Embroidered Floral Nightdress NEWICON Embroidered Floral Nightdress In stock £45.00
Delphia Cotton Robe NEWICON Delphia Cotton Robe Pre-Order £45.00
Flora Cotton Pyjamas NEWICON Flora Cotton Pyjamas   Last few remaining £65.00
Embroidered Red Corduroy Tunic NEWICON Embroidered Red Corduroy Tunic In stock £70.00
Kacho-e Blossom Cover-Up NEWICON Kacho-e Blossom Cover-Up In stock £60.00
Emmeline Embroidered Tunic NEWICON Emmeline Embroidered Tunic In stock £75.00
Paisley Reversible Jacket NEWICON Paisley Reversible Jacket In stock £88.00
Blooms Robe NEWICON Blooms Robe In stock £39.99
Agapanthus Long Reversible Waistcoat NEWICON Agapanthus Long Reversible Waistcoat In stock £95.00
Navy Crofter’s Fair Isle Cardigan NEWICON Navy Crofter’s Fair Isle Cardigan   Last few remaining £135.00
Scottish Fair Isle Wool Cardigan NEWICON Scottish Fair Isle Wool Cardigan In stock £135.00
Trailing Roses Coat NEWICON Trailing Roses Coat Limited availability £145.00
Medieval Embroidered Silk Jacket NEWICON Medieval Embroidered Silk Jacket   Last few remaining £185.00
Florentine Reversible Jacket NEWICON Florentine Reversible Jacket In stock £80.00
Reversible Mammifères Cotton Jacket NEWICON Reversible Mammifères Cotton Jacket In stock £88.00
Evelyn Dress with Scarf NEWICON Evelyn Dress with Scarf Limited availability £110.00
Castile Jacquard Cardigan NEWICON Castile Jacquard Cardigan In stock £150.00
Corduroy Crochet Tunic NEWICON Corduroy Crochet Tunic Limited availability £70.00
Acanthus Leaf Cotton Nightdress NEWICON Acanthus Leaf Cotton Nightdress   Sold out £49.99
Mackintosh Rose Nightdress NEWICON Mackintosh Rose Nightdress   Sold out £49.99