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Feuillâtre Opal & Diamond Pendant NEWICON Feuillâtre Opal & Diamond Pendant In stock £68.00
Kashmiri Cotton Tunic NEWICON Kashmiri Cotton Tunic   Last few remaining £85.00
Morris Embossed Leather Handbag NEWICON Morris Embossed Leather Handbag Pre-Order £99.00
Parisienne Roses Dress NEWICON Parisienne Roses Dress Limited availability £99.00
Ogee Carved Jade Earrings NEWICON Ogee Carved Jade Earrings In stock £29.99
Instone Amber Earrings NEWICON Instone Amber Earrings In stock £45.00
Instone Amber Pendant NEWICON Instone Amber Pendant In stock £45.00
Talbert Butterfly Silk Scarf NEWICON Talbert Butterfly Silk Scarf In stock £45.00
Egyptian Lotus Silk Scarf NEWICON Egyptian Lotus Silk Scarf In stock £55.00
Victorian Rose Quartz Necklace NEWICON Victorian Rose Quartz Necklace In stock £55.00
Alexandra Pearl Necklace NEWICON Alexandra Pearl Necklace In stock £65.00
Arts and Crafts Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Arts and Crafts Gemstone Necklace In stock £70.00
Charleston Leather Handbag NEWICON Charleston Leather Handbag   Last few remaining £75.00
Greek Garnet & Agate Necklace NEWICON Greek Garnet & Agate Necklace In stock £75.00
Morris Larkspur Wool Shawl NEWICON Morris Larkspur Wool Shawl In stock £75.00
Jaipur Cotton Longline Tunic NEWICON Jaipur Cotton Longline Tunic In stock £80.00
Instone Amber Pendant & Earrings NEWICON Instone Amber Pendant & Earrings In stock £85.00
Gujarat Mother-of-pearl Necklace NEWICON Gujarat Mother-of-pearl Necklace In stock £95.00
Adelaide Lace Dress NEWICON Adelaide Lace Dress   Last few remaining £115.00
Eliza Lace Dress NEWICON Eliza Lace Dress   Last few remaining £115.00
Gujarat Mother-of-pearl Set NEWICON Gujarat Mother-of-pearl Set In stock £115.00
Agra Amethyst Necklace NEWICON Agra Amethyst Necklace In stock £160.00
Meadow Chintz Umbrella NEWICON Meadow Chintz Umbrella In stock £7.99
Kells Hair Clip NEWICON Kells Hair Clip In stock £17.99
Botanical Cotton Robe NEWICON Botanical Cotton Robe Pre-Order £45.00
Crystal Pea Pod Brooch NEWICON Crystal Pea Pod Brooch Pre-Order £14.99
Edwardian Pearl Bracelet NEWICON Edwardian Pearl Bracelet In stock £22.99
Enamelled Pansy Earrings NEWICON Enamelled Pansy Earrings In stock £12.99
Mary of Burgundy Hair Clip NEWICON Mary of Burgundy Hair Clip In stock £12.99
Victorian Bow Brooch NEWICON Victorian Bow Brooch In stock £14.99
Parisian Enamelled Bangle NEWICON Parisian Enamelled Bangle In stock £19.99
Pale Blue Celtic Border Scarf BRITAIN Pale Blue Celtic Border Scarf   Last few remaining £29.99
Imperial Egg Pendant NEWICON Imperial Egg Pendant In stock £12.99
Qing Poppy Pendant NEWICON Qing Poppy Pendant In stock £12.99
Ehret Leaf Pendant NEWICON Ehret Leaf Pendant In stock £14.99
Holbein Clip-on Earrings NEWICON Holbein Clip-on Earrings In stock £14.99
Princess Elizabeth Hair Clip NEWICON Princess Elizabeth Hair Clip In stock £14.99
Crystal Fish Brooch NEWICON Crystal Fish Brooch In stock £17.99
Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly Brooch NEWICON Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly Brooch In stock £27.99
Willowwood Watch NEWICON Willowwood Watch In stock £29.99
Knox Silver Brooch NEWICON Knox Silver Brooch In stock £32.99
Cotton Woodland Longline Blouse NEWICON Cotton Woodland Longline Blouse In stock £45.00
Hope Silk Scarf NEWICON Hope Silk Scarf In stock £45.00
Anglo-Saxon Cotton Nightdress NEWICON Anglo-Saxon Cotton Nightdress In stock £49.99
Strawberry Thief Nightdress NEWICON Strawberry Thief Nightdress In stock £49.99
Art Deco Blue Agate Earrings NEWICON Art Deco Blue Agate Earrings In stock £14.99
19th-Century Floral Scarf NEWICON 19th-Century Floral Scarf In stock £19.99
Stuart Cross-Body Bag NEWICON Stuart Cross-Body Bag In stock £24.99