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Fruits PVC Tote Bag NEWICON Fruits PVC Tote Bag £19.99
Lampwork Glass & Amethyst Earrings NEWICON Lampwork Glass & Amethyst Earrings £27.99
Renaissance Lapis Earrings NEWICON Renaissance Lapis Earrings £27.99
Autumn Leaves Sock Box NEWICON Autumn Leaves Sock Box £29.99
Imperial Bear Brooch NEWICON Imperial Bear Brooch £29.99
Victorian Bee Pendant NEWICON Victorian Bee Pendant £29.99
Victorian Bee Stud Earrings NEWICON Victorian Bee Stud Earrings £29.99
Baltic Butterfly Amber Earrings NEWICON Baltic Butterfly Amber Earrings £32.99
Roskilde Gemstone Earrings NEWICON Roskilde Gemstone Earrings £32.99
Millot Feathers Scarf NEWICON Millot Feathers Scarf £34.99
Morris Bird Enamelled Bracelet NEWICON Morris Bird Enamelled Bracelet £34.99
Panda Trinket Box NEWICON Panda Trinket Box £34.99
Saint Petersburg Sapphire Earrings NEWICON Saint Petersburg Sapphire Earrings £34.99
Sleeping Fox Box & Pendant NEWICON Sleeping Fox Box & Pendant £34.99
Arles Sunflower Stud Earrings NEWICON Arles Sunflower Stud Earrings £35.00
Tudor Rose Stud Earrings NEWICON Tudor Rose Stud Earrings £35.00
Sprigs Nightdress NEWICON Sprigs Nightdress £37.99
Arles Sunflower Pendant NEWICON Arles Sunflower Pendant £39.99
Tudor Rose Pendant NEWICON Tudor Rose Pendant £39.99
Bauhaus Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Bauhaus Gemstone Necklace £45.00
Nouveau Nightdress NEWICON Nouveau Nightdress £45.00
Ammonite Silk Scarf NEWICON Ammonite Silk Scarf £47.99
Hedgerow Silk Scarf NEWICON Hedgerow Silk Scarf £47.99
Stained Glass Flora Silk Scarf NEWICON Stained Glass Flora Silk Scarf £47.99
Van Brueghel Silk Scarf NEWICON Van Brueghel Silk Scarf £47.99
Morris Willow Bough Jersey Blouse NEWICON Morris Willow Bough Jersey Blouse £49.99
Ojime Turquoise Pendant NEWICON Ojime Turquoise Pendant £49.99
Onyx & Carnelian Earrings NEWICON Onyx & Carnelian Earrings £49.99
Art Deco Westie Blouse NEWICON Art Deco Westie Blouse £55.00
Baltic Butterfly Amber Brooch NEWICON Baltic Butterfly Amber Brooch £55.00
Enamelled Poesy Ring NEWICON Enamelled Poesy Ring £55.00
Geneva Rose Cotton Tunic NEWICON Geneva Rose Cotton Tunic £55.00
Reversible Paisley Waistcoat NEWICON Reversible Paisley Waistcoat £55.00
Victorian Bee Pendant & Stud Earrings NEWICON Victorian Bee Pendant & Stud Earrings £57.00
British Birds Silk Scarf NEWICON British Birds Silk Scarf £58.00
Byzantine Leopard Silk Scarf NEWICON Byzantine Leopard Silk Scarf £58.00
Giralmo de Cremona Silk Scarf NEWICON Giralmo de Cremona Silk Scarf £58.00
Grapevine Silk Scarf NEWICON Grapevine Silk Scarf £58.00
Harris Tweed Handbag NEWICON Harris Tweed Handbag £58.00
Kilburn Silk Scarf NEWICON Kilburn Silk Scarf £58.00
Klimt Dancer Silk Scarf NEWICON Klimt Dancer Silk Scarf £58.00
Oriental Cranes Silk Scarf NEWICON Oriental Cranes Silk Scarf £58.00
Portrait Amethyst & Garnet Brooch NEWICON Portrait Amethyst & Garnet Brooch £58.00
Pourville Agate Necklace NEWICON Pourville Agate Necklace £58.00
Spitalfields Silk Scarf NEWICON Spitalfields Silk Scarf £58.00
Frost Silver Pendant NEWICON Frost Silver Pendant £60.00
Gemstone Celtic Tree Pendant NEWICON Gemstone Celtic Tree Pendant £60.00
Racing Fox & Hare Brooch NEWICON Racing Fox & Hare Brooch £60.00

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