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Lily of the Valley Brooch NEWICON Lily of the Valley Brooch £24.99
Parisienne Enamel Hair Clip NEWICON Parisienne Enamel Hair Clip £24.99
Weeping Cherry Scarf NEWICON Weeping Cherry Scarf £24.99
Bargello Russet Scarf NEWICON Bargello Russet Scarf £27.99
Knox Enamelled Brooch NEWICON Knox Enamelled Brooch £27.99
Golden Age Garnet Earrings NEWICON Golden Age Garnet Earrings £29.99
Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Earrings NEWICON Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Earrings £29.99
Dufy Silk Scarf NEWICON Dufy Silk Scarf £32.99
Adele Glass Earrings NEWICON Adele Glass Earrings £34.99
Arts & Crafts Blouse NEWICON Arts & Crafts Blouse £34.99
Emilie Gemstone Pendant NEWICON Emilie Gemstone Pendant £34.99
Florentine Tunic NEWICON Florentine Tunic £34.99
Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Ring NEWICON Kyanite & Enamelled Knotwork Ring £34.99
Murano Glass Twist Earrings NEWICON Murano Glass Twist Earrings £34.99
Silk Paisley Scarf NEWICON Silk Paisley Scarf £34.99
Arts & Crafts Chalcedony Ring NEWICON Arts & Crafts Chalcedony Ring £37.99
Renaissance Crystal Earrings NEWICON Renaissance Crystal Earrings £37.99
Victorian Acorn Earrings NEWICON Victorian Acorn Earrings £37.99
Almond Blossom T-shirt NEWICON Almond Blossom T-shirt £39.99
Amber Hoop Earrings NEWICON Amber Hoop Earrings £39.99
Broderie Anglaise Blouse NEWICON Broderie Anglaise Blouse £39.99
Harris Tweed Across Body Bag NEWICON Harris Tweed Across Body Bag £39.99
Instone Garnet Brooch NEWICON Instone Garnet Brooch £39.99
Jugendstil Amber Earrings NEWICON Jugendstil Amber Earrings £39.99
Limoges Necklace NEWICON Limoges Necklace £39.99
Nouveau Oak Brooch NEWICON Nouveau Oak Brooch £39.99
Redoute Silk Scarf NEWICON Redoute Silk Scarf £39.99
Lavender Embroidered Nightdress NEWICON Lavender Embroidered Nightdress £45.00
Renaissance Crystal Brooch NEWICON Renaissance Crystal Brooch £45.00
Venetian Court Pearl Necklace NEWICON Venetian Court Pearl Necklace £45.00
Broderie Anglaise Nightdress NEWICON Broderie Anglaise Nightdress £47.99
Jacobean Cotton Blouse NEWICON Jacobean Cotton Blouse £47.99
Lattice Silk Crepe De Chine Scarf NEWICON Lattice Silk Crepe De Chine Scarf £47.99
Lunardo Fero Nightdress NEWICON Lunardo Fero Nightdress £47.99
Owl Silk Crepe De Chine Scarf NEWICON Owl Silk Crepe De Chine Scarf £47.99
Swallows Art Deco Blouse NEWICON Swallows Art Deco Blouse £47.99
Embroidered Jersey Pyjamas NEWICON Embroidered Jersey Pyjamas £49.99
I Am With You Silver Cross NEWICON I Am With You Silver Cross £49.99
Navy Edwardian Saddle Bag NEWICON Navy Edwardian Saddle Bag £49.99
Reth Blouse NEWICON Reth Blouse £49.99
Limoges Necklace & Earrings NEWICON Limoges Necklace & Earrings £54.00
All Things Are Possible Silver Pendant NEWICON All Things Are Possible Silver Pendant £55.00
Blossom Enamelled Egg Pendant NEWICON Blossom Enamelled Egg Pendant £55.00
Enamelled Bellflower Earrings NEWICON Enamelled Bellflower Earrings £55.00
Garnet & Pearl Bloom Pendant NEWICON Garnet & Pearl Bloom Pendant £55.00
Icovellavna Waistcoat NEWICON Icovellavna Waistcoat £55.00
Liberty Bouquet Silk Scarf Necklace NEWICON Liberty Bouquet Silk Scarf Necklace £55.00
Ribbon-trimmed Peignoir Robe NEWICON Ribbon-trimmed Peignoir Robe £55.00

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