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Paisley Jacquard Scarf NEWICON Paisley Jacquard Scarf £49.99
Campsie Fells Necklace NEWICON Campsie Fells Necklace £70.00
Roses Jacquard Cardigan NEWICON Roses Jacquard Cardigan £225.00
6 Floral Handkerchief Packs NEWICON 6 Floral Handkerchief Packs £7.99
Coquelicot Earrings NEWICON Coquelicot Earrings £7.99
Alphonse Mucha LED Torches NEWICON Alphonse Mucha LED Torches £9.99
Art Deco Dachshund Pendant NEWICON Art Deco Dachshund Pendant £9.99
Crochet Poppy Brooch NEWICON Crochet Poppy Brooch £9.99
Mae West Tote Bag NEWICON Mae West Tote Bag £9.99
Peony Tapestry Bag NEWICON Peony Tapestry Bag £9.99
Ribbonwork Reticule NEWICON Ribbonwork Reticule £9.99
Telescopic Magnetic Torch NEWICON Telescopic Magnetic Torch £9.99
Colonna Scarf Clip NEWICON Colonna Scarf Clip £12.99
Art Deco Penguin Brooch NEWICON Art Deco Penguin Brooch £14.99
Strawberry Thief Fold Away Bag NEWICON Strawberry Thief Fold Away Bag £14.99
Tadman Pearl Earrings NEWICON Tadman Pearl Earrings £14.99
Victorian Posy Brooch NEWICON Victorian Posy Brooch £17.99
Anoushka Velvet Gloves NEWICON Anoushka Velvet Gloves £19.99
Art Deco Lotus Earrings NEWICON Art Deco Lotus Earrings £19.99
Art Deco Lotus Pendant NEWICON Art Deco Lotus Pendant £19.99
Arts & Crafts Velvet Gloves NEWICON Arts & Crafts Velvet Gloves £19.99
Blue Floral Cotton Handkerchiefs NEWICON Blue Floral Cotton Handkerchiefs £19.99
Embroidered Velvet Jewellery Pouch NEWICON Embroidered Velvet Jewellery Pouch £19.99
Festive Bauble Brooch NEWICON Festive Bauble Brooch £19.99

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