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Ehret Leaf Pendant NEWICON Ehret Leaf Pendant In stock £14.99
Imperial Egg Pendant NEWICON Imperial Egg Pendant In stock £12.99
Holbein Pendant NEWICON Holbein Pendant In stock £17.99
Art Deco Blue Agate & Pearl Necklace NEWICON Art Deco Blue Agate & Pearl Necklace In stock £39.99
Cologne Peridot & Iolite Pendant NEWICON Cologne Peridot & Iolite Pendant In stock £39.99
Turner Blue Agate Necklace NEWICON Turner Blue Agate Necklace In stock £39.99
Agate Talisman Necklace NEWICON Agate Talisman Necklace In stock £45.00
Flowering Apple Tree Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Flowering Apple Tree Gemstone Necklace In stock £45.00
Amethyst Egg Pendant NEWICON Amethyst Egg Pendant In stock £49.99
Le Brun Pearl Necklace NEWICON Le Brun Pearl Necklace In stock £49.99
Arise Today Silver Pendant NEWICON Arise Today Silver Pendant In stock £55.00
Celtic Silver Hare Pendant NEWICON Celtic Silver Hare Pendant In stock £55.00
Sweet Briar Aventurine Necklace NEWICON Sweet Briar Aventurine Necklace In stock £55.00
Sweet Friendship Silver Pendant NEWICON Sweet Friendship Silver Pendant In stock £55.00
Klimt Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Klimt Gemstone Necklace In stock £60.00
Great Wave Silver Pendant NEWICON Great Wave Silver Pendant In stock £68.00
Suffragette Silver Pendant NEWICON Suffragette Silver Pendant In stock £68.00
Habsburg Pendant NEWICON Habsburg Pendant In stock £70.00
Colonna Necklace NEWICON Colonna Necklace In stock £75.00
Celtic Revival Tree of Life Pendant NEWICON Celtic Revival Tree of Life Pendant In stock £78.00
Bonaz Pendant NEWICON Bonaz Pendant In stock £80.00
Fantin-Latour Rose Pearl Necklace NEWICON Fantin-Latour Rose Pearl Necklace In stock £85.00
Waterhouse Pearl Necklace NEWICON Waterhouse Pearl Necklace In stock £90.00
Tensha Bead & Lapis Necklace NEWICON Tensha Bead & Lapis Necklace In stock £95.00

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