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Dubret Dragonfly Necklace NEWICON Dubret Dragonfly Necklace In stock £14.99
Porcelain Pansy Pendant BRITAIN Porcelain Pansy Pendant In stock £19.99
Victorian Magnifier Pendant NEWICON Victorian Magnifier Pendant In stock £19.99
Elliptical Silver Pendant NEWICON Elliptical Silver Pendant In stock £45.00
Cupid & Psyche Glass Intaglio Pendant NEWICON Cupid & Psyche Glass Intaglio Pendant In stock £49.99
Queen Mary Pearl Necklace NEWICON Queen Mary Pearl Necklace In stock £55.00
Bohemia Glass & Amethyst Necklace NEWICON Bohemia Glass & Amethyst Necklace In stock £78.00
Entwined Flower Silver Locket NEWICON Entwined Flower Silver Locket Pre-Order £90.00
Hezilo Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Hezilo Gemstone Necklace In stock £99.00
Guangxu Flower Pendant NEWICON Guangxu Flower Pendant In stock £22.99
Mignot Pendant NEWICON Mignot Pendant In stock £17.99
Romanov Crystal Pendant NEWICON Romanov Crystal Pendant In stock £49.99
Jazz Age Crystal Pendant NEWICON Jazz Age Crystal Pendant In stock £14.99
Snowdrop Charm NEWICON Snowdrop Charm In stock £6.99
Viking Silver & Amber Pendant NEWICON Viking Silver & Amber Pendant In stock £45.00
Sutton Hoo Garnet & Lapis Necklace NEWICON Sutton Hoo Garnet & Lapis Necklace In stock £70.00
Forget-me-not Charm NEWICON Forget-me-not Charm In stock £6.99
Pansy Charm NEWICON Pansy Charm In stock £6.99
Quire Pendant NEWICON Quire Pendant In stock £16.99
Ophelia Glasses Keeper NEWICON Ophelia Glasses Keeper In stock £29.99
Semi-precious Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Semi-precious Gemstone Necklace In stock £78.00
Murano Lustre Necklace NEWICON Murano Lustre Necklace In stock £99.00
Portrait Gemstone Pendant NEWICON Portrait Gemstone Pendant In stock £45.00
Qing Jade Pendant NEWICON Qing Jade Pendant In stock £65.00
Montagu Pearl & Gemstone Necklace NEWICON Montagu Pearl & Gemstone Necklace In stock £88.00
Crystal Clasp Necklace NEWICON Crystal Clasp Necklace In stock £39.99
Winter Rose Pendant NEWICON Winter Rose Pendant In stock £42.99
Lambert Lapis & Pearl Necklace NEWICON Lambert Lapis & Pearl Necklace In stock £80.00
Egyptian Revival Necklace NEWICON Egyptian Revival Necklace In stock £88.00
Georgian Blue Topaz Pendant NEWICON Georgian Blue Topaz Pendant In stock £90.00
Kangxi Cloisonne & Coral Necklace NEWICON Kangxi Cloisonne & Coral Necklace In stock £90.00
Lapis & Carnelian Necklace NEWICON Lapis & Carnelian Necklace In stock £95.00
Imperial Agate Necklace NEWICON Imperial Agate Necklace In stock £99.00
Carved Jade & Carnelian Necklace NEWICON Carved Jade & Carnelian Necklace In stock £110.00
Ammonite Pendant Ammonite Pendant In stock £19.99
Gothic Revival Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Gothic Revival Pendant In stock £14.99
St Petersburg Pendant St Petersburg Pendant In stock £17.99
Ashbee Agate & Pearl Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Ashbee Agate & Pearl Necklace In stock £60.00
Fouquet Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Fouquet Necklace In stock £34.99
Snowdrop Pendant Snowdrop Pendant In stock £17.99
All Shall Be Well Pendant All Shall Be Well Pendant In stock £62.00
Qing Jade Pendant Qing Jade Pendant In stock £29.99
Art Deco Malachite & Onyx Pendant Art Deco Malachite & Onyx Pendant In stock £45.00
Enamelled Buttercup Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Enamelled Buttercup Pendant In stock £14.99
St Petersburg Lilac Pendant ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE St Petersburg Lilac Pendant In stock £17.99
Sévigné Faux-Pearl Necklace ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Sévigné Faux-Pearl Necklace In stock £24.99
Lily Pearl Necklace Lily Pearl Necklace In stock £34.99
Bingen Pearl Locket ONLINE_EXCLUSIVE Bingen Pearl Locket In stock £62.00