Imperial Roman Lapis Earrings

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Prized throughout the Roman world for its colo...
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Prized throughout the Roman world for its colour, lapis from Egypt and Asia was traded across the Empire. Freshwater pearls such as these were believed to be the tears of Venus, goddess of Love.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue
Lapis & freshwater pearls with gold-plated beads and fittings
3cm long, posts
Gift boxed
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Overall product rating 4.3/5
By Chloe
15 July 2020
Service Rating:
These earrings are a delightful surprise, beautifully made and a good buy.
Our Imperial Roman Lapis Earrings are truly something special and a favourite here at Museum Selection. We're pleased to hear that you are delighted with your set! Best wishes, Chloe
By Chloe
11 July 2020
Service Rating:
Never arrived. Really unhappy.
Many thanks for your feedback, we're sorry to hear this. Our customer service team have been in touch with you. Kind Regards, Chloe
21 January 2020
Service Rating:
These earrings are a good colours and quality but the lapis drops are quite heavy so you may have to change the earring backs to something more sturdy otherwise the earrings may fall out.
24 December 2019
Service Rating:
Excellent product - prompt delivery and reasonable price !!
23 March 2019
Service Rating:
They are as described in the book.
26 February 2019
Service Rating:
Really very good , excellent quality & look good & are comfortable .