Home accessories and gifts inspired by the works of the Impressionists. Impressionism was an art movement that originated with a group of Paris-based artists whose came to prominence during the late 19th-century. By painting in sunlight directly from nature, and making bold use of vivid synthetic pigments, they began to develop a lighter and brighter style. Originally a term of derision by an art critic, the term Impressionist quickly gained favour with the public. It was also accepted by the growing group of artists, including, Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Sisley, Cézanne, Morisot and Degas.
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Monet Socks NEWICON Monet Socks £7.99
Van Gogh Socks NEWICON Van Gogh Socks £7.99
The Starry Night Jigsaw NEWICON The Starry Night Jigsaw £12.99
Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings NEWICON Van Gogh: The Complete Paintings £15.00
Impressionist Magnets NEWICON Impressionist Magnets £17.99
Van Gogh Coasters NEWICON Van Gogh Coasters £27.99
Artist's Studio Diorama Kit NEWICON Artist's Studio Diorama Kit £45.00
Irises Tapestry Handbag NEWICON Irises Tapestry Handbag £45.00
Van Gogh Sunflowers Silk Scarf NEWICON Van Gogh Sunflowers Silk Scarf £57.99
Water Lily Glass Chopping Board Water Lily Glass Chopping Board £9.99
Set of 4 Monet Mugs Set of 4 Monet Mugs £19.99
Monet Perfume Bottle Monet Perfume Bottle £55.00
Waterlilies Silk Scarf Waterlilies Silk Scarf £57.99
Giverny Glass Bowl Giverny Glass Bowl £59.99
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Taking inspiration from country house interiors and gardens, museum collections and our great cathedrals, our aim is to bring together distinctive and unusual home accessories, jewellery, clothing and gifts celebrating over a thousand years of history, art and design.