Da Vinci Sleeping Cat Bronze

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Save when you buy both cat bronzes
Charming sleeping cat ornament inspired by 'C...
Save when you buy both cat bronzes
Charming sleeping cat ornament inspired by 'Cats, Lions, and a Dragon' c.1517-18, a chalk, pen and ink study by Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) held by the Royal Collection Trust. This drawing sheet held in their achive demonstrated da Vinci's virtuosity in depicting animals and creatures with vigorous character and energy. A rigorous draughtsman, many of Leonardo's sketches were used as the precursors to larger studies and inventions. Realised in bronze, our Sleeping Cat recalls Renaissance sculpture.
Size & Additional Information
Bronze with felted base
8 x 6.5cm
Made in England
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Overall product rating 4.4/5
11 December 2019
Service Rating:
Beautiful - bought as a present
17 November 2019
Service Rating:
delightful. Smaller tan expected.
09 October 2019
Service Rating:
Lovely little bronze resin cat just like my daugther's cat
11 December 2018
Service Rating:
just spot on. reall excellent
By Museum Selection
10 December 2018
Service Rating:
I was very dissatisfied with this item it looked better in the catalogue
It also seems tiny and quality disappointing.
Thank you for your feedback.

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Museum Selection
10 November 2018
Service Rating:
Better than in the pictures