Narcissus Candle

ITEM CODE: 22500
Candle inspired by ‘Spring Flower’ studies by Anne Pratt (1806-93) whose illustrations helped popularise botany in the 19th century.
Candle inspired by ‘Spring Flower’ studies by Anne Pratt (1806-93) whose illustrations helped popularise botany in the 19th century.
Size & Additional Information
Printed paraffin wax
8 x 7.5cm
Approximately 35 hours burn time
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Overall product rating 4.7/5
21 December 2020
Service Rating:
Spring like. Disappointed that the winter scene with the birds went out of stock but this was a good substitute. Would have liked a choice of similar with a scent.
08 November 2020
Service Rating:
Wellreceived presents nd popular
12 October 2020
Service Rating:
This is an attractive candle that will brighten the evenings for a special friend of mine.
29 July 2020
Service Rating:
It’s a pretty candle,another good puchase
19 June 2020
Service Rating:
Very pretty and unusual candle.
17 June 2020
Service Rating:
Inexpensive but impressive.