Hope Glass Panel

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Christ Church, Oxford
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Inspired by the sta...
Christ Church, Oxford
Save when you buy all 3 Glass Panels
Inspired by the stained glass window, 'Spes' or 'Hope', designed by Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) in 1870 for Christ Church, Oxford, and later copied for other churches.
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Multicoloured
Hand-finished glass panel, lead surround with chain for hanging
32 x 11cm
Made in Britain
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Overall product rating 4.7/5
16 September 2020
Service Rating:
Looks beautiful in window
12 April 2019
Service Rating:
High quality product, really beautiful when the sun shines through.
23 November 2018
Service Rating:
This is my present to myself! A wonderful stained glass reproduction of Edward Burne-Jones's 'Hope' which is now hanging in my window.
22 February 2018
Service Rating:
Looked exactly like the picture in the magazine
08 January 2018
Service Rating:
Gorgeous gift I bought for my parents for Christmas. They loved it!!
03 August 2017
Service Rating:
Really beautiful, just sad you don't have the third one any more, would have been great to have all three!