Birth Month Trinket Box

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This exquisite trinket box is a thoughtful gift with plenty of meaning, each decorated with a personalised birth month flower and its significance in the calendar. A pretty place t...
This exquisite trinket box is a thoughtful gift with plenty of meaning, each decorated with a personalised birth month flower and its significance in the calendar. A pretty place to store keepsakes, each new bone china box has been gilded and decorated by hand in England with great delicacy. Ideal for the dressing table, the designs reference the Victorian interest in floriography – where through the language of flowers, arrangements could signify traits such as wisdom, loyalty, friendship and sincerity. Perfect for gifting to commemorate a special birthday or occasion, the recipient will be delighted with this beautiful porcelain trinket box.

January: Carnation - Love & Distinction.
February: Violet - Wisdom & Hope.
March: Jonquil - Respect & Friendship.
April: Daisy - Youth & Purity.
May: Lily of the Valley - Happiness & Sweetness.
June: Rose - Love & Appreciation.
July: Larkspur - Strong Bonds of Love.
August: Gladiolus - Strength & Integrity.
September: Astor - Patience.
October: Marigold - Protection & Comfort.
November: White Chrysanthemum - Innocence & Purity.
December: Narcissus - Sweetness & Self Love.

Made exclusively for Museum Selection.

Click here to learn more about the Victorian language of flowers
Size & Additional Information
Colour: White
Fine bone china box with birth month flower and its meaning
5cm dia
Gilded and hand decorated in England
Made in Britain.
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Overall product rating 4.6/5
By Mr Charles carr
14 December 2021
Service Rating:
Pretty little box with the correct flower
27 November 2021
Service Rating:
As I said before lovely quality but very small for price.
By Mrs Elizabeth Gemmell
05 November 2021
Service Rating:
Lovely little boxes. I have bought several for neices.
By Mrs Sarah Theobald
23 October 2021
Service Rating:
These are very pretty and thoughtful little gifts appropriate for birthdays. Well packaged for safe delivery
12 July 2021
Service Rating:
Very pretty, a present for my daughter
By Mrs Pat Hessel
13 March 2021
Service Rating:
A very beautiful gift ideal for a Birthday present especially with the months flowers painted on
12 March 2021
Service Rating:
a perfect birthday gift for a close friend
By Margaret
01 March 2021
Service Rating:
It's a gift so don'tknow reactionyet!
18 December 2020
Service Rating:
It was a lovely trinket box very pleased when it arrived
By Mr nigel hills
24 November 2020
Service Rating:
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