Giverny Earrings

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Offer runs from 28th July to 31st December. Lowest 30 day price will be £16.00 from 27th August.

Adorn your style with the captivating beauty of our pretty Giverny Ea...
Giverny Earrings
Offer runs from 28th July to 31st December. Lowest 30 day price will be £16.00 from 27th August.

Adorn your style with the captivating beauty of our pretty Giverny Earrings, in a striking blue hue that recalls the mesmerising paysages d’eau (waterscapes) painted by Claude Monet. Monet had always been interested in reflections, feeling that their discontinuous and fragmented shapes paralleled his own broken brushwork. These earrings reflect his vision- made from Murano glass evoking the serene allure of water, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of artistic inspiration. Wear these earrings to elevate your style and embrace the connection between art and personal style.

Pair with our matching Giverny Glass Necklace
Size & Additional Information
Colour: Blue, Gold
Gold-tone plating, Murano glass, crystals
3cm, plus hooks
Clean with a soft cloth
Gift Boxed
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Overall product rating 4.4/5
By Mrs Frances Gardiner
28 November 2023
Service Rating:
Yes not bad. I would recommend
By Mr Kenneth Murphy
21 November 2023
Service Rating:
Quality and well made item that looks very attractive.
By Mrs Angela Walker
13 November 2023
Service Rating:
Different and beautiful, delicate and look amazing.
29 October 2023
Service Rating:
Bought for a gift, lovely
28 October 2023
Service Rating:
Earrings look very pretty - also intended as a gift, though could be tempted to save them for myself!
19 September 2023
Service Rating:
Individual jewellery in a really nice sea blue .
17 September 2023
Service Rating:
Again this is for a birtyday gift.
By Ms Kay Harbridge
16 September 2023
Bromley, Kent.
Service Rating:
The quality is really good and the colours shown in the catalogue are true to the product, which is excellent and makes choosing easier.
13 September 2023
Service Rating:
I have not seen the earrings as they have not arrived
25 August 2023
Service Rating:
Beautiful delicate earrings in true Monet colours.