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Cottage Garden Soap NEWICON Cottage Garden Soap £6.99
Summer Garland Soap NEWICON Summer Garland Soap £6.99
Wildflower Meadow Soap NEWICON Wildflower Meadow Soap £6.99
Morris Greetings Cards Organiser NEWICON Morris Greetings Cards Organiser £12.99
Victorian Lace Fan NEWICON Victorian Lace Fan £16.99
Astrantia & Waxflower Arrangement NEWICON Astrantia & Waxflower Arrangement £19.99
Compton Cosmetic Bags NEWICON Compton Cosmetic Bags £19.99
Peacock Ocelli Scarf NEWICON Peacock Ocelli Scarf £19.99
Set of 3 Garden Soaps NEWICON Set of 3 Garden Soaps £19.99
The Butterfly Pavilion NEWICON The Butterfly Pavilion £20.00
Venus Pearl Ring NEWICON Venus Pearl Ring £32.99
Hydrangea & Butterfly Trinket Box NEWICON Hydrangea & Butterfly Trinket Box £39.99
Amber Bee Brooch NEWICON Amber Bee Brooch £45.00
Love & Live Happy Ring NEWICON Love & Live Happy Ring £45.00
Robbins Silk Chiffon Scarf NEWICON Robbins Silk Chiffon Scarf £58.00
Free-form Roman Glass Earrings NEWICON Free-form Roman Glass Earrings £60.00
Embroidered Khuri  Shawl NEWICON Embroidered Khuri Shawl £68.00
Art Nouveau Butterfly Pendant NEWICON Art Nouveau Butterfly Pendant £75.00
Free-form Roman Glass Pendant NEWICON Free-form Roman Glass Pendant £85.00
Roman Glass Pendant & Earrings NEWICON Roman Glass Pendant & Earrings £138.00
Classical Jade & Pearl Necklace NEWICON Classical Jade & Pearl Necklace £140.00
Royal Antoinette Butterfly Paperweight NEWICON Royal Antoinette Butterfly Paperweight £150.00
Celestial Pen Celestial Pen £14.99
Orchid Pen Orchid Pen £22.99

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